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posted by kitkat709477
ok, I want everyone to know I didn't write this and I get no credit for it. I found it on a site called quizilla written par a girl with the nom d’utilisateur DStrudel all credit goes to her.I just thought it was sweet, true, and deserved to be shared :)

I’m crying over boys

And listening to whiny rock

I’m staying up late

And eating ice cream

I’m yelling at my mom

And ignoring my dad

Fighting with my sister

Will my hell ever end

The girl asked herself

What the hell is wrong with me

You’re a teenager, baby

Life is what it’s supposed to be

Gonna cry

Gonna scream

Get grounded from the TV

She’s in a hell

Of adolescence...
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posted by KateSmiley
the only thing toi ever gave me were black and blue eyes
and it always ended in me letting out cries

toi would come accueil angry and scream in my face
and waste no time montrer me i was a disgrace
and always threatened me a dit not to tell
but everyone knew i was going through hell

why should i have to pay for your crime
why should i have to take the time
to cover up the scars ane emotions toi left for me
when the teachers and doctors knew i was leaning out with my plea for safety

i will never for get how toi came accueil at night
and the only emotion i felt was pure fright

now that your gone for good
i can say that i never quite understood
what i did wrong for toi to do that to me
but now your gone and i am free
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Source: 경주시"출장만남"업소/카톡:SMZG2/전국출장안마,070-7918-4234,출장파트너,출장