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Gwen:what do we do?! Trent:um...*sees gasoline and a feu torch* i got it! get down! *pours gasoline where the zombies are and sets it on fire* zombies:ah! oh! fuck you! ah!! Trent:*covering Gwen and the kids* look. *the zombies aren't melting they are walking right through it!* Gwen:AH!!! Duncan:*screams* guys!! this way!! Trent:lets go!! *welcome to the jungle song plays* who the hell put this on?! Gwen:shut up and come on! Nick:mommy! Gwen:*gasp* Nick! Trent:hold on i`m coming! *grabs a tombstone and breaks it over the zombies* come here boy! *Nick jumps into his arms* zombie:uh! uh!!! *cuts...
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Gwen's pov!
It was getting near Christmas,so the school decided to throw a dance. "who are toi going with..?"I asked as I repeatedly threw clusters of snow at a leaf-less tree. "Geoff..he wanted to go mainly because that's where the football signups will be."Bridgette rubbed her clothed hands together and shivered. "that's why I'm not going."I hung from one of the arbre branches and swung back and forth. "you're going to break that branch.."Bridgette,the nature lover warned me. "it'll grow back in the Spring."I chuckled and jumped down from the tree. "hey Gwen,Bridgette."Courtney ran up to us,bundled...
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When Trent finally got accueil he parked his motorcycle outside of his garage. He went into his house,threw off his casque and headed into his room. There, he took off his leather veste and slammed it on the ground.
After that,he sat down on his bed,put his hands on his face and cried. He felt really sad and lonely. misery and despare had finally got to him.

Trent's POV: My whole life blows! Not only did I leave my Friends behind but I Lost everything! I Lost my girlfriend to a total b@$^@#d. I Lost my nerve to montrer my face to public and I Lost my dignity to go on living! I feel like such a jackass,...
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Gwen's pov!
i stood there at the end of the dock,crying and waving goodbye to Trent. (by the way this is on total drama,at the end of chercher and do not destroy) he was waving to me until the bateau was completely out of sight. i sighed and looked at my feet. "well its been a long day,i think i`m gonna hit the showers,great work everybody."Heather a dit walking off to the showers. everybody started to walk away,but i just stood there looking out at the lake,wishing Trent would come back. i felt a hand pat my shoulder. i looked at the person,and it was Leshawna. "don't worry girl,i`ll get her back."she...
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A Trent and Gwen Story.
Chapter 1:
*Tda and Tdwt never happened*
Gwen's Pov:
*Phone Rings*
Gwen: salut Trent.
Trent: salut babe.Whats up?
Gwen: Ugh, Tyler wants me to take him to the mall today.
Trent: I'll come if toi want me to?
Gwen: Ehh... I just might not take him at all.
Trent: Gwen! He's your brother. Be nice!
Gwen: Fine, toi have to come though!
Trent: *Chuckles* Okay!
Gwen: Ugh, I hate you.
Trent: I l’amour you.
Gwen: I know babe. I l’amour toi too.
Trent: Well, I'll pick toi up at 2. Be ready!
Gwen: Okay and I will!
Trent: Haha ok well bye Babe.
Gwen: Bye.
*Hangs up*
Ugh, why does Trent have to be so perfect? Sometimes I don't understand why he chose me? All the girls at our school like him, but he still chose me? Well, I need to get ready.
This sucked... Ugh... commentaire if I should continue though..
I have writers block so its hard :(
Gwen:NO!!! *cry hard* WHY?! Nick:why mommy sad? Gwen:*whimpers* n-nothing. Nick:pwease tell me. Gwen:i-i just...uh-stubbed my toe. Nick:*crawls away* Gwen:i cant tell them. it would break my cœur, coeur even more. *her phone rings* h-hello? boss:GWEN! GET YOUR cul, ass DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW! YOU'RE LATE! Gwen:yes Mr. Cooper. *hangs up and goes to work (star bucks)* Kevin:its about time toi got here! do toi know how badly toi almost got fired?! Gwen:yes,i am aware. Kevin:what were toi doing? Gwen:i-uh fell...on my way here. Kevin:*rolls eyes* whatever.Gwen:*sighs and puts her tablier on,goes to behind the...
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Gwen pov!
ok we were watching tv....and i wanted to find away to thank him for saving my life from zombies, so i decided that we could have some fun. "hey Trent?" Trent:yes beautiful? Gwen:*scratches head* even though we have done this many times before...a-and toi are the one asking not you...uh...never mind.. Trent:no,tell me. Gwen:well...
Trent pov!
she looked really nervous. like she was going to explode! was also blushing...awkward we are married why is she still shy of me? "c'mon tell me". i said....
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*their alarm clock goes off* both:AH!!! Trent:dam alarm clock. *turns it off and falls on the floor* i told toi it was a bad idea to get a LOUD alarm clock. Gwen:whatever, it wakes toi up faster. Trent:*groans and gets ready for work* GWEN?! where is my belt? Gwen:hey are holding it. Trent:*laughs* oh right. *gets ready and Gwen walks him out to his motorcycle* Gwen:have a good jour at work,k? NO fighting with your boss. Trent:i try. be careful. Gwen:when did toi become my mother? *laughs* bye. *they Kiss and she goes inside* dam Trent made a mess. *sighs and roles her eyes* sure...
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