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There it goes, another one is gone
Another try, another one is wrong
Where to go?
What is there to say here?

No one knows,
I’ve never really felt
Good about the hand that I’ve been dealt
What kind of game is this anyway here?

I want to make a statement
About the pictures and their awful placement
I want everyone to see it too

I try to be someone but I don’t know how
I don’t know how
I try to be the one but it’s over now
It’s over now

I can see the loneliness in you
I know it well and
Everybody’s got it too
It’s funny how I know I’m not alone here

That’s how it seems
But when I’m walking...
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It seems so funny as I look back on the folly of my ways, I climbed as high as one can climb all alone.
I scaled the highest mountain did a pirouette at the tip pity top,
and when you
Super Friends:
gotta get down, gotta get down, gotta get down, toi need someone to count on.

Green Lantern:
Some mark their friendship with bracelets and lockets.
Some measure their friendship in silver and gold.
Some montrer their friendship with matching tattoos.
Super Friends:
We forge our friendship par saving the world!

I want to be your friend forever.
Robin: I want to be a modern dancer!
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posted by lovbrianholden
Don't ever tell me what I can't do
I'd watch my tongue if I were you
For all we know, You-Know-Who
Could be watching us

(Spoken) He can't be, he's dead!

That never stopped our plans before
You've no idea what I have in store!
You really think that you'd be at my door
If we had nothing to discuss?
He may be gone, but that is just as well...

So come inside, don't toi fret
For it's not over yet!

Evil plans
We are making evil plans!
Evil deeds with evil hands
We l’amour making evil plans!


I know it seems impossible
We've been thrown off our track.
But if we can't déplacer forward...
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salut there, fellow Starkids. In honor of the new Starkid musical, I've decided to do my own kind of speculating on what is in store for Harry Freakin' Potter's third year. This articcle is divided into two main parts. The seconde is a liste of all themajor canon events parodied so far.
But before toi hear all of that boring stuff, toi get to hear what I think is going to happen in the new show.
And be on the lookout for a Starkid fanfic written par yours truly!

Now, it is time to leave the realm of solid fact and wander into the thickets of wildest guesswork.))

A Very Potter...
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Goin back to Hogwarts - Darren Criss
Underneath these stairs
I hear the sneers and feel glares of
My cousin, my uncle and my aunt.

Can't believe how cruel they are
And it stings my lighting scar
To know that they'll never ever give me what I want.

I know I don't deserve these
Awful rules made par the Dursleys
Here on troène, privet drive.

Can't take these stupid of these muggles,
But despite all of my struggles,
I'm still alive.

I’m sick of summer and this waiting around.
Man, it’s September, so I’m skipping this town
Hey It’s no mystery, there’s nothing here for me now

I gotta get back to Hogwarts,...
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