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I l’amour Sparrabeth. Sparrowbeth. JE. JackxElizabeth.
However toi say it, I l’amour it.
They were the very first couple I really "shipped".
So they have a bit of a special place in my heart.

I was bawling my eyes out at the end of At World's End. The writers just didn't give us any closure.
But the seconde time I watched, I was able to see past what seemed to be the sinking of my ship.

1. Will and Elizabeth
Watching them, I felt that the "love" was extremely forced. They just don't have the same chemistry. Plus, at the beginning, we have them barely talking to each other. Then they drop everything and get...
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posted by kylaJE
A poem, inspired par Sparrabeth, that I wrote Post-AWE.

She loves him

This is what she tells herself

As she waits,

Counting the days

It is not that hard

She declares

But wonders if her life

Will go to waste

Weeks turn to months

She begins to grow numb

Until an unexpected visit

From an old friend

Who always was much more

She smiles at him politely

But her eyes reveal her pain

And he asks her

Why not stop this?

Why not walk away?

She tells him the same reason

She continues to tell herself

It is her duty and her burden

She will ours it on her own

He offers her a chance

To get out and be free

And though in her cœur, coeur she...
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