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10. Kenny McCormick
Kenny has plus to his character than just dying all the time, he's developed a personality now. He deserves to be in the haut, retour au début 10 because he is very caring to his sister, Karen, par using Mysterion to protect her from bullies, and got a job just so he could buy her a doll. I used to not care for him at all, but now he's one of my favorites.

9. Pete
Pete is the goth boy with the red hair. I see plus in him than just some faggy goth kid. If he had an episode to himself, it would be very deep and meaningful. He'll do crazy things to make sure things don't go overboard, like sneaking...
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South Park Spoof

** Scene 1 **

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Butters are at the bus stop waiting to go to school.

Butters: salut fellas...I have something to tell you.
Cartman: What is it Butters? Have toi been playing with frogs penises again?
Butters: No that was last week...I just found this really cool website called Writers Cafe.
Stan: Is that a place where a bunch of wannabe stoners get on to share poetry?
Butters: Sorta...but that's not what I do. I paid homage to Al Gore there to work up good karma. It's really working.
Kyle: Al Gore is the biggest douche of the universe. I once heard if toi said...
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