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The Rowdyruff boys in this episode they like to make jokes all over the town,like to make the girls go crazy. Buttercup will go realy mad. Some scenes are cut off: Peeing in public jupe touching shouting rude words 'old hag'.
powerpuff girls z
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Kaoru: GOSh, another weirdness...

Momoko: (covers kaoru's mouth) ok go on.

Brick: i'll gfind butch,and toi boomer when I came back u should be done.

Boomer:(to brick:) no problem. (to miyako:) lets go to ur room.

Miyako: k. its upstairs.

*in the room*

Boomer: do u have a bf alrady?

Miyako: y are u asking that?

Boomer: nothing * coz maybe i'll get a chance* just answer me.

Miyako: *blush* i have no bf yet

Boomer: YEAAHHH!!! *jumps*


Kaoru: is there an eartquake

MOmok0: Someone is jumoing upstairs.


Miyako: wuts wrong?


*downstairs*, *door opens*

Momoko: o salut brick, hi there butch

Butch: yeah hi

Brick: is boomer done yet?
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"You have a compact belt, too?!" I never saw his ceinture before so I was shocked.
"Yeah, so do Boomer and Brick. But they don't know how to use it. They don't even know that I do." He laughed and and explained when we need to pretend to be enemies and when not to. But something still worried me.
"What if they recognize you? Just like I did, toi could be recognized."
"Buttercup, even though toi recognized me easily, they can't. The reason why is because toi are my counterpart. The other girls aren't my counterparts. They're my brothers' counterparts."
"That's new. So, who do toi think will be...
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