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I was just thinking about the fairy tale characters' real world counterparts, and I noticed that most of them had names that tied into their "real," fairy tale selves. So I decided to throw together a liste of their names, with meanings and explanations, just for kicks. First I will say what the character's name is in fairy tale land, then in the real world, with meaning attached. All name meanings come from the website Behind the Name, with help from Wikipedia.

I will add plus characters when they are introduced and éditer existing characters when we know their full names and/or know plus about...
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I've been meaning to do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. Once Upon A Time has a lot of really beautiful women. I believe these women are the true beauties of the montrer and some need plus appreciation for their looks. Please leave a commentaire but keep in mind this is just my opinion.

First of all I'm not a big fan of her as a character, she has the personality of sand paper, but she's really beautiful. She has such long beautiful hair, even though it's in a weird style for most of the time we see her. I just l’amour Asian eyes and her skin is lovely. She's such a natural...
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One of the reasons I l’amour OUAT is because its basically just one really screwed up family. Nearly all the main characters are related in some way at this point. While I was putting together their family arbre I thought of something that would make it even better.

All we need is for two theories to be confirmed.

Theory #1: Eva and Cora are sisters. This would explain why Cora was so familiar with eva at her funeral.

Theory #2: Gina is Rumple's illegitimate daughter with Cora, unbeknownst to him. We know Rumps and Cora were in some sort of relationship so this isn't impossible.

We know so little about Cora at this point that its quite possible that one ou both of these could be true and if they were the OUAT family arbre would be come a circle.
I know that many fans here on fanpop support the idea of Baelfire being Henry’s father. I would absolutely l’amour it; it would make a wonderful plot twist and I would definitely like to see the reactions between the Charmings and Mr. Gold/ Rumple. However, as I was considering the timeline, I found problems with this theory, mostly in the differences between Bae’s and Emma’s timelines.
Bae is fourteen years old when he goes through the vortex (presumably to our world) created par the magic bean. Rumple is left behind, and becomes even darker as he mourns the loss of his son. I presume that...
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Warning: this article is basically me venting, because I had to get this out of my system.

I dont understand why some people seem to find the show, specifically the timelines, so confusing. This is not directed at the people here on fanpop, especially since most of us seem to understand it.

It is natural to have questions, since this montrer is written as a sort of puzzle, where we are donné new pieces of the past each episode.However, I have heard questions online that make me think that some people are misunderstanding the entire premise of the show. They seem to think that the fairytaleland stuff...
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While August offers to montrer Emma how she can defeat Regina and gain custody of Henry, Regina plans to seduce David. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world Gepetto agrees to save Snow and Charming's daughter, but seeks to save his son Pinocchio as well.
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