National Geographic Why do toi like national Geographic?

Pick one:
I like lire the articles
I like looking at the cool pictures
I l’ amour the animaux on national Geographic
I l’amour the animaux on national Geographic
Added by Zuko14
Because I l’ amour the pictures , I l’ amour to lire the...
Because I l’amour the pictures ,I l’amour to lire the articles and cuz I l’amour animal
Added by JohnnyD
All of the above
Added by Pokekid
It is incredible, well- written, and has won awards
It is incredible, well-written, and has won awards
Added by dragonsmemory
I watch the channel; I don&# 39; t read the magazine
I watch the channel; I don't read the magazine
Added by retrolove83
I l’amour Geography!
Added by ElsaFrozen
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