Leyton Family<3 {because I'm in the feels} haut, retour au début ten reasons Hilarie burton is my ultimate queen!! Your favori reason?

Pick one:
She supports all these amazing charities/causes
She put her career on hold so JDM can work/she could raise Gus
She's amazing with her fans and always kind
She's an amazing friend
She's super classy and doesn't stir up drama (even when asked)
She's very protective of her family (and super proud of JDM)
She's honestly one of the funniest people ever/the biggest goofball
She's passionate about her work
She is SO beautiful
She believes in always being nice/"not engaging in mean girl behavior"
BONUS: She lives on a farm and owns a Candy shop!!!!
BONUS: She's an amazing actresss and gave the world Peyton Sawyer
 mooshka posted il y a plus d’un an
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