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English Translation:

The painful memories
It’s not easy to close my eyes and relive those days

I would rather cover it up like it never happened
But the flowing tears stop me

I try to say your name
But it’s a l’amour that I can’t touch
I fearlessly run and hold onto you

I became a fool
I’m in pain because of you
I try to erase it but I’m still the same

Looking Back
Looking Back
I still don’t know

Where toi At
Where toi At
Time passes
But my l’amour doesn’t change
It’s OK

Always par my side is your story
I took it out again, your story
Even when time passes, it’s only you
Won’t toi come back...
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 Hyun Joong at his first birth jour
Hyun Joong at his first birth day
Since his birth until he was 4 years old

Enjoy Hyun Joong since birth very populaire among our neighbors and Agherbna due to his big eyes and sharp intuition and intelligence .
One jour , I saw in my dream truck loaded Balfjel passed from both sides , and it was a un radis, radis that the very large it may be the size of the truck from behind , I ran behind the truck from behind trying to catch this un radis, radis great and began un radis, radis fall from Cahh in the yard of my town and I fell on the ground , this really has been the biggest un radis, radis radishes I'm seeing in my life and I was very amazed when they caught one...
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2011.05.03 (Tue) @ 6:30 PM

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How to rejoindre the official Kim Hyun-joong fan club [2011 Henecia]    
KEYEAST    2011.05.03

Greetings. This is the Keyeast.

At the beginning of May, the Queen of seasons,
which is the most beautiful and fresh mois of the year,
we have come with good news for all of you.

2011 Henecia, the official Kim Hyun-joong fan club, is now recruiting members
who are interested in supporting Kim Hyun-joong and his efforts during this period of intense activity,
coinciding with the launch of...
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weee! I made this video months il y a and yea the titre says it all! Id be his paparazzi if im able to. Idk I just got soooo into him!:D Hope u enjoy.
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