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 Yuki Hates Brad.
Yuki Hates Brad.
Yuki: O.O HUH?
Jan: No
Brad: Me Neither.

Lia: *climbs up wall* Come on.


Kai: I thought so. *Brad, Jan, Wave and Kai are wisked to Hevhell*
Kai: Deathclaw, I've come back.

Brad: What The?
Jan: HELL!?:O
Brad: toi Mean Hevhell >XD

Deathclaw: Who do toi bring with toi Lostface?
Kai: I bring Fangheart and 2 others not from this pack. I want toi to give them their 15 lives and their pack name.
Deathclaw: Very well Lostface, The blue one shall be called Icedeath. Come faward to reacve toi 15 lives.
Kai: Go on, he don't bite.

Brad: What Me?
*Walks Up To Deathclaw*
Jan: Huh?

Deathclaw: *touches his head and...
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