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Credit: House M.D. on YouTube.
house md
season 4
house's head
cuddy's striptease
Thanks to JennyChoProductions..who uploaded this video on youtube.
house md
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
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I know the titre sucks but that is just how I feel, miserable.
Okay, apart from the obviously devastating thing (Lisa E leaving), I feel like we have been hoping for something the writers, David Shore, etc, had never planned to give us.
Once upon a time, I was a rabid fan. I loved the medical mysteries, the storyline, Huddy (I've always been a fan), but most importantly, House. He was perfect, he was a one-in-a-billion character, and he was just great. Then, when the Cuddy-in-a-relationship thing happened in season 6, the montrer just began to lose its magic. It Lost its magic not because Cuddy...
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so first of all, I must say.
I did not expect that....
I mean, sure, I read all the spoilers *shifty eyes* but I didn't expect some things.
However, this article isn't gonna be about the episode at all...
I'm gonna focus plus on the fans and the problem that seems to be Lisa Cuddy
[SPOILERS for those who haven't watched it yet]

First of all,
House and Cuddy in this episode are completely the same.
Yes, toi read well, THE SAME.
Both are trying to be something they're not, and failing at it.
First House.
He's trying to prove to Cuddy that he's changed.
Sure, we see that slight change, but, it isn't that...
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It was just another normal day, well for me at least. No one else would probably think it was a normal day. However today,it felt different, like I felt like something was going to happen. I was right. I was doing paperwork in my office when suddenly my doors swung wide open. I jumped, it was only House. I should have known, he never knocked he just came right in."What do toi want House?" I a dit not really caring because he probably just needed me to say ok for some procedure. He just stared at me with his amazing blue eyes. Sometimes I feel like I can get Lost in them.

He didn't respond....
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 Juan Francisco. 1780's look that House might have decided to wear..
Juan Francisco. 1780's look that House might have decided to wear..
SPOILERS FOR 6x07. Haven't caught the link? link However, if you're expecting a happy one shot, I suggest toi change the page.

"Why, hello Juan Francisco de la bodega y Quadra. Had no idea toi were sailing in from Lima." Wilson stated sarcastically. House had just walked in the lobby, catching Wilson in a heartbeat. With side burns going down his cheek, a ridiculous amount of mousse twirled in his hair, and the "Miami Vice" wear.
"You're the one to talk," House retorted.
"I actually fit the attire. They a dit 80's. Not the 1700's."...
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