Hilary Duff Wich Hilary Duff toi like more?

Hlemguard posted on Jan 03, 2010 at 10:24AM
Well people, it's time to share your opinion with us and the world about Hilary Duff!If you are a fan, this is just for you!

Now, first it's important to understand what is this about.This is like a contest, in wich you rate and comment a YouTube video.In the end (1mounth from today) we will upload a new video, telling you one of the moast interestnig comments and of course, telling you the winner!
What is the contest about?
There are 3 videos, one main video (original) in wich you have to chose between two other videos.The question is "Wich Hilary Duff you like more?"and the opportunity is to chose between '"The New Hilary Duff" (by new Hilary Duff, we mean Hilary from movies like what goes up, Stay Cool, Greta, and music videos like Reach Out, Stranger etc.) and "The Old Hilary Duff" (by old Hilary Duff we mean the diseny Hilary, and movies like Raise your voice, Cadet Kelly, music videos like Come Clean, Fly etc.).

To find out more, and start sharing your opinion with us and the world ( and of course voting for new Hilary or old Hilary), visit the YouTube video:


OK people, let's do this right!Go to the video, comment it, share it, rate it, and if you want you can subscribe to my account to be sure you catch the winner at the end of the contest!

Thank you,

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