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With Via and Jeline heading towards the car her father sent...
Via: (carrying her luggage)
Jeline: 9puts their bags inside the car)
???: (to Via) I can help you.
Via: thanks. (looks at him) Alex?


Alex: Hey. I missed you.
Via: (looks down) What are toi doing here?
Alex: I want to see you...
Via: Alex, i have a boyfriend.
Alex: If toi have a boyfriend why did toi left him at London?
Via: I left because.. it's the right thing to do..
Alex: Via, I still l’amour you.
Via: toi cheated on me!
Alex: Look, i'm sorry. You're the one I love.
Via: Oh, shut up. (goes to the car and puts her things inside) Bye, Alex....
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It feels like we been living in fast-forward,
Another moment passing by.
(Up Up Up All Night)
The party's ending but it's now ou never,
Nobody's going accueil tonight.
(Up Up Up All Night)

Katy Perry's on replay,
She's on replay.
DJ got the floor to shake,
The floor to shake.
People going all the way,
Yeah, all the way.
I'm still wide awake.

I wanna stay up all night,
And jump around until we see the sun.
I wanna stay up all night,
And find a girl and tell her she's the one.

Hold on to the feeling, And don't let it go.
Cause we've got the floor now, Get outta control.
I wanna stay up all night,
And do it...
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Is Zac Efron look gay to toi wale he looks gay to me and the way it sounds like he is gay because once they started the movie high school musical he hooked up with venessa hugens and then once they took a wile to make high school musical 2 they broke up and he went with ashely tisdale for a wile and broke up he meat a a girl at the pool and they broke up too and also in every movie he has played in that he has to Kiss in he has been trying to say that he was gay and once peopel in america found out they did millions of sites on the internet and how did i find out about this my friend came back from amrica and told me even her perents.
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100% of children and adults all over the world are looking forword for a high school musical 4.As much as i know there might be a high school musical 4 but if so they won't have Vennessa Hugens,Zac Efron, and the rest of the cast.But they will only choose 1 person to be in high school musical 4 and it is most lickely for Ashaly Tisdale to be in it because in high school musical 3 they a dit that sharpy was going to help teach the drama class.But don't blame me if there is not going to be a high school musical 4 cause i a dit if.

par sarpy1999
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Source: Disney Channel Original Movies/ Screencaps par Me
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High School Musical
haut, retour au début 10
High School Musical
haut, retour au début 10
Aussie youtuber does hsm4 audition! Channels his inner Zac Efron...side par side video a must see....
High School Musical
Zac Efron
kenny ortega
Vanessa Hudgens
Ashley Tisdale
lucas grabeel
Corbin Bleu
monique coleman
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Can't ever get it right,
No matter how hard I try,
And I've tried.

Well I put up a good fight,
But your words cut like knives,
And I'm tired.

As toi break my cœur, coeur again this time,

Tell me I'm a screwed up mess,
That I never listen, listen,
Tell me toi don't want my kiss,
That toi need your distance, distance,
Tell me anything, but don't toi say he's what you're missing, baby,
If he's the reason that you're leaving me tonight,
Spare me what toi think and
Tell me a lie!

Well you're the charming type,
That little twinkle in your eye,
Gets me every time.
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