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I was wondering what the lyrics were to Revolution so I googled it and all I could find about it was a yahoo answer. It's messy but it's the best there is:

So make way, to start the revolution. Make way, we're gonna have fun tonight!
Make way, to start the revolution, let loose and everything will be alright!
here we go, here we go again. The clock spins, and the roof is down tonight...

...Don't win? Don't regret in the shadow of hate and feel all retarted. Shine on, shine like toi do. Watch out, cause I'me coming through. So haul fast and take the wheel it's your chance, gonna do what toi do....
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Has a lot of B10 info, but still has some good GenRex stuff sucked in, including info on the crossover. Also snagged from LiveJournal and Straya. hehe.
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The episode starts off with a whale-blimp landing in, what looks like, Manhattan. Of course, Providence is there and ready. Rex & Six have an exchange about how to attack.
Six: "We'll use Delta 9."
Rex: "I didn't even know there was a Delta 1."
Six: "Study the manual."
Rex: "There's a manual?"
Poor guy. Anywho, guess who's in the whale. (By the way, couldn't find a better way to travel?) It's the guy from Lethal Weapon 2! (not really) It's van Kleiss. Shocker.
Once the theme is over, they start fighting while Six talks to an unknown voice in his reciever. He then calls off the troops & stops...
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