Fran Drescher Bring us plus nanny

Jseiss16 posted on Jan 01, 2011 at 07:48PM
I think i talk for everyone when i say that i want more nanny. i know that everyone from the show is older but i have an idea. why don't they have a fallow up kind of show. from when they ended they twins have been born. they could do it when the twins are 12. i dont think they could call it the nanny but bring back max, c.c., niles,and of corse fran. they could be living in california and still have c.c be max's assentant. Gracie Maggie and Bryten could stop in randomly throughout the show. i dont think they could still use the same yetta and selvia get new ones or take them out. if you like my idea let me know. tell me what i should fix. i am just 13 year old major nanny fan... no one who could even publish this idea

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