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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Steve and the gang get trapped and meet Voltaire
Steve and the gang get trapped and meet Voltaire
Intermission ends. Lights go out. Circus calliope plays again. Curtain opens revealing the inside of Voltaire's Circus tent.
Cast enters while calling for Voltaire.
Steve: Voltaire!
Mrs. Travis: Voltaire!
Sherlock: Come out, come out, wherever toi are!
Josh: Man, where could he be?
Mr. Travis: We know he's here somewhere, but he is no where in sight.
Steve: Oh look! There's that calliope.
Josh: Whoa! It's playing par itself!
Sherlock: Must be one of those coin operated ones.
Steve: salut guys! Look what else I've found!
Mr. Travis: It's an old switch. And it has a sign. (Reads sign) "Pull for assistance"...
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They hauled the Boomy Box out of the habitat, and Emma looked around suspiciously.

"Urm, where's Tom?" She wondered, feeling a little worried. She peeped over into the habitat, to see that the baboons were questioning him.

"Where did toi take the box?" Darla asked, in her Texas accent.

"We don't like being robbed." One of the others said. Ashley looked at Emma in shock.

"But they just a volé, étole from the maki, lémurien lad, they should have known something like this would happen." He whispered to her. Emma nodded in response and kept watching.

"Now tell us, where is the box?" Darla ordered, a demanding look...
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posted by coolprivate
(you could call this a tribute to all kowalski fangirls i guess. :3 )

Chapter One

The start of summer camp. The cool, summer breeze sent chills down the spines of children. This is no ordinary camp. This is the bravery camp. Where its haunted. toi hear sounds at night, in the forest and silence. I work here. Into retirement to continue school suivant year. Trust me. Its not preety here. Pack of fresh meat ariving today. Better get ready for blood. 5 mins later, school bus arrives. I walked towards them. Twas silent as....well it was just silent. Then, the door opened. When it did, a particular penguin...
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1. His favori Color Is Orange
2. He Loves Curly Fries
3. He Loves l’espace Suits, He Even Wore One For a Month. Good Thing It Wasn't Pressurized.
4. He Loves Video Games!
5. He Loves The Water.
6. He Was Born In Nome, Alaska But He Lives In Tennessee
7. He Pulls Pranks a Lot
8. He Likes Legos, But Does not Use Them Often
9. He Has a HydroBOB Witch Is Like a Mini Submarine.
10. He Loves Drinking Coca-Cola
11. He Hates Hot Days
12. He Loves The Much as The USA
13. He Loves Pizza
14. He Loves New Year's Parties
And Finally
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Okay, so this is a video involving the Fine Bros and at one point, they give a shout out to the fanguins (whom they've just found out about). Enjoy
shout out
fine time
pom and autism
Source: Me, Asdf and Kaitlyn
Source: Me, Asdf and Kelcey.
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Hmmmm....What is this toi ask? Its for all of my Friends I have met in the past, what? year? In about maybe....I dunno, suivant 7 days I will have been here for one full year. ( for those who don't know I used to be "Amberpet")

I would like to thank all of toi who have helped me over the past an with stuff. (If your not mentions its either A. I forgot cause I'm a forget-me-not. ou B. Your new, alright?

Hannah- For knowing me the longest. With out you, my cœur, coeur would be lonely.

Lilly-For the great roleplaying over the summer. It was amazing the Majins...*sigh* good times.

Juliana (Yes, I know she...
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posted by 67Dodge
The Kid limped weakly and sat down, sweating as his cœur, coeur was still racing, he then whimpered lightly at his leg as he held it up and cringed his eyes and clenched his beak, turning away as he pulled the Bones back into place and hissing in pain, he then grabbed a nearby garment, fortunately, a splint, that he attached securely to his leg: tight enough for the healing process, loose enough for blood flow. 

"I am not a crook~" The Kid sighed, grabbing a bottle of painkillers and swallowing four without water. 

The Kid then chuckled lightly at his précédant statement. 

"I'm not a crook... But...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Steve and the gang battle Voltaire
Steve and the gang battle Voltaire
Voltaire draws chainsaw even closer to Steve
Voltaire: This is too easy! No one can stop me now!
Cat's voice: Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr....!!!!
Sherlock: What the heck was that?
Cat continues while running on stage furiously
Steve: Cat?
Cat continues and breaks through cage
Voltaire: What the?
Cat: ...aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! (Tackles and hits Voltaire while riding on him)
Voltaire: Ow! (Drops chainsaw. Chainsaw turns off) Ouch! Ouch! salut get off me!
Cat: Don't touch my boyfriend! (Punches him and gets off)
Voltaire falls and his arms get pulled back par Cat
Voltaire: Yeow! Let go of me!
Cat: First give me the key...
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posted by 67Dodge
"Lemme make this simple bub, where's the girl?" asked The Kid, holding a crowbar. 

"Hannah?" asked Kowalski, bound to the floor with cuffs. 

"No, the Kaiser's wife, who the fuck else?" chuckled The Kid, twirling the crowbar in his flippers. 

"Why do toi need her? She already has a mate, and that mate is in jail for crimes plus lenient than yours, I doubt that you'd spare anyone..." spat Kowalski with malice. 

"Doubt? What about the pregnant women, the babies, eggs, all that? I can't pull myself to do that!" shouted The Kid, dropping the crowbar with sarcastic terror. 

"Oh really?" asked Kowalski...
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posted by 67Dodge
Saint Michael's Catholic Church was a cathedral, one of the three most renowned churches in all of Fort Grumley, it is adorned with a tall cloche, bell tower, flying buttresses, stained glass depicting every section of the bible, and an underground crypt, where each bishop from centuries' past were entombed. The Imperial government wasn't at all interested in the church, as Richard was a total atheist, as are the Imperial Court and almost 25% of Antarctica's populace. Though none of that mattered, as Hannah, Kowalski, Skipper, Rico, and Private were getting ready to enter the sanctified building of...
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