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Season 2 - disc 1

1: Da Boom
2: Brian In Love
3: I am Peter, Hear me Roar
4: A picture is worth 1000 bucks
5: Fifteen minutes of Shame
6: Road to Rhode Island
7: Lets go to the Hop
8: Dammit Janet!

Season 2 - disc 2

9: There's Something About Paulie
10: He's Too Sexy For His Fat
11: E. Peterbus Unum
12: The Story On Page One
13: Wasted Talent
14: Fore Father
15: When toi wish upon a weinstien

Season 3 - disc 1

1: The Thin White Line
2: Brian Does Hollywood
3: Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington
4: One If par Clam, Two if par Sea
5: And the Wiener is...
6: Death Lives
7: Lethal Weapons

Season 3 - disc 2

8: The Kiss seen Around...
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Peter Sucked His Fart Back In.
Les Griffin
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