Elizabeth Montgomery Thank toi So Much For Rating And Commenting On Elizabeth!

Cammie posted on Nov 21, 2008 at 06:43PM
I created this spot as a tribute to this wonderful actress about 7 months. Admittedly I had not added too much to it in the beginning -too busy on her other spot over at Bewitched, lol. Also there is only 10 fans so obviously not too many folk are probably aware this spot even exists.
However, I just want to thank some of the fans here who rate the content and make such nice, sweet comments. In particular my sincere thanks to IsisRain and Berni who I know are fans of the lovely Elizabeth and enjoy the content. I would also like to add a special "thanks,matie!" to DarkSarcasm who was the first person to rate so very many of the photos only recently. Hi-5 Jody!
At the moment I'm concentrating on adding a bit of image content, shall over the coming weeeks like to add videos, etc.
Thanks guys and enjoy the Elizabeth Montgomery spot!
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il y a plus d’un an Berni said…
Hi Cammie,just a little note to say a big thank you for all your hard work thats keeping this spot alive,i carn't thank you enough x
il y a plus d’un an mfera2009 said…
Hi Cammie, I am from Argentina and I am a big Elizabeth's fan. I watched every single chapter of Bewitched and I am tryng to get some movies of her such as The victim; do you know if it is on dvd? On the other hand.. I always have been in love with Elizabeth's nose!
il y a plus d’un an Cammie said…
It is so hard to find many of Elizabeth's movies as most are NOT on dvd or even VHS.
I have many of her films because I taped it many years ago from either commercial or satellite tv.
However, here are some movies of hers that at times (although seldom, to be honest) pop up on Ebay:

The Victim aka Out Of Contention
The Legend Of Lizzie Borden
Face To Face
Deasline Assault
Jennifer: A Woman's Story
Second Sight

These are usually available only on VHS and are used and quite expensive so I personally would be dubious when considering purchasing them.