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posted by DXCLOVER97
Here's my first chapter!!
It was 1 an since TDWT ended. Everybody was free of Total Drama,
Chris, and the life-threating challenges. Until today, that is, when a letter
for a reunion went out to everybody's mailbox.

Dear TDWT castmate,

It's time for the reunion of TDWT!! We'll meet at the Playa Des Losers, for
you to reunite with your Friends for 1 week! toi can bring 1 friend ou family
member with you. We hope to see toi there! If we don't, well...we can
take toi personally to the reunion.


Chris & Chef Hatchet

Of course, everybody went to the reunion....
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They were walking around, looking at the pieces of art when an obnoxious voice was heard.

"Don't touch anything!"

"Jeez, sorry"

Duncan stormed away, leaving a gobsmacked Courtney standing there like a lemon.

"Gosh, what is UP with him?!" she seethed.

"He's just bored" Geoff, Duncans best friend, tried to reason with the feisty brunette.

"Yeah, so am I, but that doesn't give him the right to touch the statues!" she raised her voice, getting plus annoyed.

"Just... go find him. Look, he likes you... alot, just find him and talk" Geoff smiled to himself, thinking: There ya go, Dunk. She's all yours......
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posted by james55
Im bored so im going to start a article and im not very good at making articles but here it goes.................

Courtneys Pove................

I cant beleive im stuck on this plane with these wierd people well except for duncan.dont tell him i a dit that

hey princess (he says)

uh what do toi want

courtney i know toi like me

duncan toi think your all that but your just a soft hearted fake bad wanna be.

Omg duncan was going to sit suivant to me (duncan goes behind courtney and suivant to gwen)

I new he likes her

izzy what do toi want (izzy say toi know who likes who) nothing izzy

Dunacan pov.......................
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"thank toi it was my pleassure" courtney told a fan handing him her autograph toi see all the tdi stars were sighning autographs for there fans it was a publicity thing that chris wanted them to do she looked around at the other lines
gwens line was filled with astromers and goths
geoffs line was filled with druken party animaux
and bridgettes line was filled with surfers with wet hair and boards for her to sighn
but there was one line courtney just wouldnt look at

duncans line

she wouldnt look untill she herd someone from the duncan line speak
"ohh duncan could toi please sighn this for me...
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“Morning sunshine.”

“Hmmm? Duncan? Did I fall asleep in the carriage last night? No wonder my back hurt so much.”

“Sleeping in a carriage is better than sleeping on the floor.” Duncan pointed out.

Courtney lifted her head up from Duncan’s lap and rubbed her eyes. Sunlight poured in through the windshield and side windows, blinding her. Duncan rolled his wrists and ankles, still sore from the rope that was tied so tight to him the précédant night. He leaned over her and kissed her softly on her forehead.

“Well, let’s get moving. I have some—ugh—wedding details to tend to. And...
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