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Duncan Black was in a local bar drinking away his sorrows. It had been 10 years since TDWT and he hadn't seen Courtney since. A tear shed from his eye at the thought of his princess. He scewed up so bad since he cheated on her. He got into plus trouble, Gwen cheated on him par sleeping with Trent the bitch. Before she cheatd, she was even worse then Heather, Courtney and Chris combined.

Duncan had changed as well, no longer with a Mohawk but long pitch black hair, three jour stubbled, bangs under his eyes and a étoile, star under his eye from when he was in Jail for three years. No plus piearcings but...
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duncan-*at courtney house ringing on her door bell*
courtney-hello? oh its toi wat do u want?
duncan-i want toi back!
courtney-*slams door*
duncan-*puts foot in front of door b4 it gets slamed all the way*
duncan-i want toi back ok i am really sorry about me cheating on toi with..gwen
courtney-keep going!
duncan-and toi know i miss toi and i broke up with gwen and i feel really bad so would toi like to go on a rendez-vous amoureux, date friday?
courtney-i dont know i am still pretty pissed?!
duncan-oh please i would walk on broken glass for toi
courtney-ugh fine *get a contract out*
duncan-wat the hell is...
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