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As Anya was sitting alone with just a bag in her hands Sav saw her and came over to her. They were now the only two out side ou not at the pep-rally. He came up and a dit "now there is definitely something wrong, just tell me" she then realized she couldn't hide it anymore, she just started to burst into tears. Sav a dit worried "Anya, whats wrong, I can fix it" and she a dit still in tears "no toi can't, not this" and he a dit "I bet I can" and she started cry harder. He sat down suivant to her, grabbed her hand and a dit "Anya toi can tell me anything". She then pulled out the boxed test and handed...
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Every since Anya found she was pregnant she had become antisocial. She didn't wear the ring to school. She was now 3 weeks pregnant. They were planning to get married this weekend. They were just going to sign papers, no wedding just papers. She was kind of upset about it, but there wasn't much she could do. So in class Sav was passing notes to Anya (the bold sentences are Sav's and the italics are Anya's):

names for what?
the baby
I really don't want to talk about that right now
I want to think as little of the situation as possible and that’s gonna be pretty hard in...
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<this takes place as the filler of season 9 so far <as the episode "beat it part 2" and maybe some newer episodes may later become incorporated that is an unknown factor enjoy>

day the story begins at: Monday December 14, 2009

Since Sav found out about Anya's little fantaisie world they had gotten much closer. Because of this Sav had some plans for the upcoming Winter Wonderland Dance that was this weeks, Friday. His plans were similar to his plans when they went on the wild life retreat. So shall we now come on in the Degrassi hallways in the morning. Sav was at Anya's locker waiting...
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Finally!!!! season 10 cast is CONFIRMED!
btw,I own Nothing of the following,and yes,its from a reilable source,its fron CTV's website

"DEGRASSI - Season 10 (half-hour drama, MuchMusic)

One of Canada's haut, retour au début young adult series returns exclusively to MuchMusic! Starting this July, DEGRASSI viewers can keep up with the series four days a week, as the montrer moves to a 30-minute, Monday - Thursday format. In Season 10, a new school an brings big changes to the students of DEGRASSI. New rivals, new friends, l’amour interests, a shift in the school’s hierarchy and physical threats shake up every relationship....
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Anya sat slumped over on the table, not touching her food. She glanced up at houx J and Leia as they sat down.
Holly J rolled her eyes. "Thursday already? I thought this mess was over with the fairy princess gig?"
Leia frowned. "It's called LARPing houx J."
Holly J rolled her eyes. "LARPing, fairy princess, what difference does it make?" She looked back at Anya. "What happened with toi two anyways?"
Anya sighed. "I convinced him to go babysitting with me. And we were talking about kids when we grow up. I told him I wanted two. He wants six. Who's gonna have all of those kids?"
Holly J frowned....
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Sav had no time to some way contact Anya before Asha came to dinner.He heard the door cloche, bell ring Asha walked in. She had the Indian skin tone and long black hair and was pretty, but in Sav's mind no where near as beautiful as Anya. They sat down and Sav was not happy with the situation which was slightly noticeable. Since Alli was not there and his parents stepped out off the room she suddenly a dit to Sav with a small Indian accent "are toi happy arranged marriage?" and he a dit not trying to hurt her "um...well not really, I bet your nice and all it's just that I'm in love.... with another girl"...
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-Johnny's POV-

Sometimes, it gets a bit annoying how Alli is. But I still l’amour her. Is that even possible for me? I mean, its me! And besides, shes a 9th grader! But, its still hard for me to imagine life without her.

Wait, wait, wait. Lets back up a bit! Whenever i first met Alli, I thought she was hot. But she was a bit clingy, and back then I didnt really like 9th gradres. But then, we hung out par playing poker on the little camping-earth stuff trip thing and then I gave her a chance, and DAMN! If i didnt, i wouldnt be here, now would i? l’amour that girl. But, when she spilled about us to Holly...
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