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posted by jesus_bale
Christian Bale: Hot ou Not?
By Ted Berg

Christian Bale’s beauty cannot be put into words, but I will try.

That which does not kill Christian Bale only makes him hotter.

Before I expound, let me state for the record that I am a fiercely heterosexual man. I have engaged one woman to marry me and spend every morning on the subway attempting to engage several others in mutual eye contact. And it’s not because I am in any way nefarious. I am loyal; I just want women to acknowledge me in some small way because I find them mesmerizing. Achingly beautiful.

Just not quite as beautiful as Christian Bale....
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posted by Ashley-Green

You have a really nice place here...Paul.
How much did toi pay for it?

Actually, that's none of your business, Christie,
hut I can assure toi it certainly wasn't cheap.

Bateman leaves to refill his wine glass and Sabrina takes a
pack of cigarettes out of her purse.
Bateman returns, carrying a tray of chocolates.

No, no smoking. Not in here.

He walks over to Christie.

Varda truffle?

Christie stares at the plate and shakes her head. Sabrina
takes one.

I don't want toi to get drunk, but that's a very
fine Chardonnay you're not drinking.

Bateman goes over to his...
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This is a really cool video using the movie Equilibrium and a song from System of Down, Chop Suey. A lot of action!
christain bale
system of down
chop suey
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