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MBLAQ's Thunder drops his self-composed digital single 'Monster'

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Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called MBLAQ's Thunder drops his self-composed digital single 'Monster' |
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
MBLAQ\'s Thunder drops his self-composed digital single \'Monster\'
After a lot of teasing fans for this new MBLAQ project, member Thunder finally released his self-composed second digital solo track, "Monster"!
Like the audio and image teaser released previously, the track is laced with a spooky and mystical vibe that makes this "Monster" an epic one. Thunder\'s smooth and soft voice helps to emphasize this trait, which makes this song stand out from a lot of other solo works.
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It is so frustrating to be a fan of Mblaq given that JTune absolutely sucks at mv, no show performance...failure to tie in Mblaq\'s awesome tv show presence and appearances into the music etc....just a really amateur and ridiculously unprofessional company when you compare it to every other k-label.
wow I actually didn\'t expect it to be this awesome. proud to be an a+, thunder jjang!
This sounds soooo good!!!! I am so proud of you Thunder!!!!!! I can\'t wait to hear more!!!!!
Dont just drop it like that Jtune please! Make him an MV, let him perform on music shows, promote him on radio and variety shows! LET PPL KNOW HE RELEASED A SONG!
i honestly wasn\'t expecting it to be this good. wow 
Yeah!!! Hoping the song does well. COMEBLAQ NEXT! Thunder oppa jjang!
He is really good, "Don´t go" it´s an amazing song too. 
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