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A perfect video depicting every part of faith: sexy, naughty, bitchy
sexy naughty
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 New York City WB télévision Fall 1999 Season Annoucement
New York City WB Television Fall 1999 Season Annoucement
Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz have created one of the best (if not the best one) TV couple of all time! What made them so special, what was the reason they were so real ?

One word: Chemistry. This is the key. And it's not only about the great working relationship they had, but it's even plus about how they felt about each other in real life. toi can see a lot of screen couples which in a movie ou series play great loves but in reality barely stand each other (e.g.Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey), ou simply don't share any special friendship, just regular working relationship. The...
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Season 6

1.) Disc 2- Click on "Once More, With Feeling". Click on "Language Selection". déplacer your cursor to the left of the word, "SUBTITLES" and a glowing yellow B appears. It is a video clip with funny extras and behind the scenes of OMWF release of the soundtrack signing, with Joss Whedon, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Amber Benson.

2.) Disc 5- Click the episode "Normal Again". Click on "Language Selection." déplacer your cursor to the left of the word, "SUBTITLES" and a glowing yellow B appears and toi can click on it. It tells toi toi can download a call sheet.
****to do that, close out of windows...
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Buffy contre les vampires
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