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Source: Ali Sameer Deewangi Song
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The story revolves around three roommates,
journalist Tashi ( Imran Khan ), photographer Nitin
Berry ( Kunaal Roy Kapur ) and cartoonist Arup ( Vir
Das ), leading an unkempt and debt-ridden life in a
shoddy apartment. Tashi's ditzy fiancée, Sonia
( Shenaz Treasurywala), is an air hostess who agrees
to deliver a package for Vladimir Dragunsky ( Kim
Bodnia ) to Somayajulu ( Vijay Raaz ), without realizing
its contents ou that Somayajulu is a gangster. Sonia
asks Tashi to deliver the package. Tashi, in turn,
asks Nitin to do so. But Nitin is unable to do so as
he is suffering ' Delhi Belly '. Nitin hands...
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New Delhi, With just few hours to go before
world's biggest football tournament FIFA
world cup 2014 kicks off, we can see how
people are getting gripped par World Cup
fever. Being an Indian it is obvious for us to
be expert on two topics: films and cricket.
But since its 'FIFA' let’s keep cricket aside and
focus on football. The splendid hues of
football can be seen all over of the
world.Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are
the Heroes on football ground but John
Abraham and Parminder Nagra are our
Bollywood 'footballer' heroes. The restaurants
are set with special FIFA cuisines, we can see
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The story focuses on Aman Sharma a.k.a. Banku
( Aman Siddiqui ), who has recently shifted into an old
bungalow in Goa , with his parents, Aditya ( Shah Rukh
Khan ) and Anjali ( Juhi Chawla ). His father Aditya is
an engineer on a cruise line, and therefore moves
with his cruise. They are made aware that the
bungalow is haunted, but they disregard this. Banku
is enrolled in St. Francis High School , and Anjali hires
a kindhearted and comedic drunken thief, Anthony
( Rajpal Yadav ), as a servant to clean the house. One
night, Banku goes down to the living room to have
some crème glacée when he sees a shadow...
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souci, marigold Lexton ( Ali Larter ), a self-centered and
temperamental young American actress, arrives in
India expecting to be treated like a star, despite the
fact that she has been making nothing but B movie
sequels for some time. She is stranded in Goa after
the film she was to étoile, star in is canceled, and a
sympathetic crew member offers her a ride, which
brings her to the set of another movie, a Bollywood
musical . She actually tells her boyfriend Barry that
she was hoping she wouldn't have to marry him if
this trip was successful, and soon finds herself the
center of attraction on the set, where she quickly...
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