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Gossip Girl
season 5
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“I l’amour you”

In the face of true love, toi don’t just give up. 1.18

I was in l’amour with Blair and I’m sorry. 1.18

I l’amour toi so much it consumes me. 2.25

I l’amour toi too. 2.25

I followed my cœur, coeur because I l’amour you. 3.22

I will always l’amour you. 4.22

Blair chooses Chuck

1.18 She decides to be with him when she hears his speech.

2.25 After breaking up with Nate, she spends the whole episode trying to get him to say I l’amour toi and in the end gets together with him.

3.22 Throughout the whole episode she’s struggling with the choice, but in the end she goes to the Empire State Building,...
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Author: MegamiTenchi at

Oh lord, the world is ending! I wrote a fic with a baby basse, bass in it. Exploration of one of the millions of ways the end of Season 4 could go. Rated K, though it's really weepy.

Chuck followed the butler through the halls of palace. Every l’espace was full of light and he found comfort in this, thinking yes, she belongs in a place like this. It was a long walk, but at last, he was led into a room. He had no illusions that his visit could possibly be anything good, but he was disturbed not only to see Blair and Louis, but several advisors, and Princess Sophie....
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 Mrs basse, bass pregnant!
Mrs Bass pregnant!
A/N: im continuing from where i left off. there is no plus flashbacks in this one. so thats all i got to say

chuck was shocked, was she joking. he wouldnt mind if she was but in his mind it didnt seem real. he thought he was the luckiest person in the world, a beautiful wife and three gourgous children. he loved all his children and that would be the same for this one but he was so shocked he couldnt say anything.
blair had noticed how quiet chuck was and started to be a little freaked out.

B: hello... chuck...?
C: are toi serious?
B: 100% i took...
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A.N. Ok This is an Ed/Leighton Fic. It happens after the Leighton Sex Tape Scandal hits the news...

Background: Just for this fic, let's imagine that Ed and Leighton share that undeniable off set chemistry which they tease each other about in the privacy of their own relationship but have not ever acted on the sexual tension. So they are both dating other people, Sebastian and Jessica.

They have not ever explicitly talked about whether they have feelings for each other. Let's pretend that maybe they can see something happening between them in the future after Gossip Girl, but any feelings they...
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Tonights episode was good but it saddend me that i got no b+c action at all! not many references either! I dont know about toi guys but im sooooo ready for some hard core lovely blair and chuck romance!!! It seems as though ive been waiting forever!!!
Well because of the lact of blair chuck in this episode and due to the anticipation of suivant weeks steaming episode....instead of writting a review/opinion article like i normally do weekly i decided to share/post a fan fic i found on the internet that i just l’amour ... hope toi do too!!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with gossipgirl ou this...
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