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@MsMojo -These Kendall and Jo "Big Time Rush" moments were big in plus ways than one. Our countdown includes an awkward reunion, their first party, the official hookup, and more!
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kendall & jo
Big Time Rush
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1. Bungee-jumping, go-carting and skydiving: Logan loves jeopardy and action. “I’m kinda addicted to the weirdest things!”

2. Kendall buys organic nourriture only. “This way I protect the environment – and it tastes delicious!”

3. Wow, he’s got muscles: James is able to do several pushups while doing a handstand. “That’s my crazy talent!”

4. The boys like to hang out with the actrices Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice. Their favori pastime: Hockey!

5. “Whenever I’m nervous I gnaw my nails like crazy,” admits Kendall.

6. “Carlos is the neatest out of us all. If he sees...
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