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1. Isn't Voldemort ugly? I mean, he doesn't even have a nose!

2. I l’amour Mudbloods! And they're good kissers, *wink*

3. I need to go back to Azkaban immediately! I deserve plus time in there for my crimes.

4. I think Harry has the right idea about killing Voldemort.

5. Isn't Lucius hot? His long blond hair is such a turn on!

6. I think I'd look really good in pink.....Cissy, could I borrow some?

7. Purebloods suck....what makes us so great anyways?

8. Muggles are actually quite clever!

9. Loyalty really isn't my thing......

10. Yes, I agree, I DO need therapy, don't I?

11. Harry really just needs a hug....
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1. Only talk to purebloods

2. Tell her toi overheated Voldemort telling Lucius he should be "More like her"

3. Kill Andromida & Ted,

4. Bring her Neville & help her torture him until he's plus loopy than his parents

5. Get really really good at Crucio (not as good as her)

6. Throw a couteau at every house elf in sight

7. Wear all black ou Slytherin couleurs

8. Tell her how much better she is than anyone else

9. Reasure her she's Voldemort's favorite.

10. When Voldemort pushes her down, help her up & insist he's into S&M

READ THIS!!! I did write some of these, but others I am repeating. I have no idea who made them up
Credit: I didn't write this.

"This afternoon, I was lucky enough to be among 400 other movie fans to attend a test screening of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" in Chicago, Illinois.
Rumors had been circuiting around the internet about this screening, but confirmation that it was Harry Potter didn't come until just before the film started. Since this was a working cut of the film, many effects and scenes were not finished. At least 50% of the special effects were still in the CGI rendering stage, and green screens were visible throughout the film. Also,...
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 This pic is Bellatrixally awesome
This pic is Bellatrixally awesome
This is a dictionary of new words of what is called Bellatongue ou the Bellatrix language that should be used par those who are obsessed with Bella .. here we go :

Bellatrixing - To behave like Bellatrix

Bellatrixal - To Bellatrix a place ou something

Bellatrixally - Describing things in Bellatrixal opinions

Bellatrixfy - To make something like Bellatrix

Bellatrixful - With Bellatrix

Bellatrixless - Without Bellatrix

Bellatrixly - Instead of saying "seriously"

Bellatrixish - To describe a thing that fits Bellatrix

Bellatrixology - The Bellatrix science

Bellatrixologist - A Bellatrix scientist

Bellatrixism - A religion of shipping Bellatrix

Bellatrixian - A Bellatrix shipper

Bellatrixness - The state of being Bellatrixal

Nonbellatrixness - The state of not being Bellatrixal

OMB - Oh My Bella

Bellatongue - This language

Bellamouth - A Bellatongue speaker

Bellaphobia - The fear of Bellatrix
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(Here's the first one.
I know. She's supposed to die before him, but let pretend she comes back to life ou something and finds out that he is dead (and after a long time to admit it to herself...))

My Lord...
Come accueil again.
You have not battled in vain.
Don't leave me alone.
Without you, I cannot hold on,
My Lord...

But if it is the way toi want it to be,
If there is nothing to make toi stay,
Then, it seems that I have nothing plus to say.
Though, I'd want toi to come back to me.
Too much, I miss toi already,
My Lord...

I knew not toi could be even colder than toi were.
Without you, I have no will......
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I suspect I'm not the only one, am I? XD...... Anyways, toi know you're obsessed with Bellatrix when....
Credit: Me Myself and I

1. toi throw away all of your hairbrushes.

2. toi wear at least some black every day.

3. toi rip your clothes on purpose.

4. toi call people toi don't like "filthy mudbloods".

5. toi yell "CRUCIO!" at people when toi get mad.

6. toi carry knives on your person

7. Your desktop background and screensaver are of Bellatrix.

8. Whenever you're typing a word that starts with a "B" ou an "L", toi accidentally type out a Bellatrix ou a Lestrange instead.

9. toi think her birthday should...
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