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 Merlin S5 DVD boxset US version
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Cover art for Merlin S5, US version Boxset
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salut everyone!

Seeing as Merlin is ending, just as I'm participating in making my own graphics (I'm sad that after this series they will be no plus filming pics ou Arwen screen caps) I've decided to make graphics for the haut, retour au début Arwen moments.

But seeing as I have so many moments that I adore, I figured I would ask for some help. So, please liste your haut, retour au début favori Arwen moments from series 1 to 5. I know that the montrer has yet to finish and we know that Arwen will be a huge feature in the suivant episode, but I'll leave this open till the end of the series. Then I'll start doing some graphic making.
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Part 56: link

    “You’re lucky toi weren’t pulled over,” Arthur says to her after they see Tom’s car safely into his garage.
    “I was careful. What about toi earlier, following the ambulance like toi were in your feu truck?” she counters as they walk back to Arthur’s car.
    “Oh. toi noticed that, huh?”
    “Of course I did. toi were right behind us.”
    Arthur smirks as he opens the passenger door of his car for Gwen, closing it gently after her, before he goes around...
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