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posted by kateandme
Dusk was on his way back to his camp, wondering if he should tell his dad. "If I tell him then It's that much let I've got to keep secret but then I brake the promise I made to Acashia." He a dit to himself.

"On the other hand if I keep it a secret then I don't emotionally hurt her and every thing still cool." He walked to where he and his dad stay and laid down waiting for him to return.

Dusk had waited for about an half heure before he couldn't take it any longer. "I can't wait for my dad... I got to get some food." He a dit walking down to one of the lower ranks.

The loup stood up and a dit "Yes Sir, what can I do for you." "No need to be formal with me, that's stuff is only for my dad, anyway. I need toi to go with me on a hunt..." Dusk said. "Okay, seeing that it's almost dark we need to go. The hunting area is right this way." The loup said.

The two loups walked into the forest, "So what's your name?" Dusk asked. "My name it Andrew... Hey, stay low and wait here a second." Andrew a dit getting low to the ground and silently slipping off. "I wonder what that was about." Dusk thought.

Andrew followed the sound of someone talking, it was about a quarter of a mile to the east. when he got there Apollo and Zeus were talking.

"Zeus, your telling me that your health has gone down colline as well! I don't even know if Dusk is ready but I sure as heck know Acashia isn't ready to be a leader!" Apollo shouted, getting irritated.

Andrew had heard what they a dit and creeped away, once he was far enough away he took off to tell Dusk what he had heard.

While Andrew was off looking for, whatever it was, Dusk was trying to get some dinner. "There toi are..." Dusk said, spying a smaller caribou. He sneaked up from behind, at the right moment Dusk jumped at it. He landed on it's back, biting down on its neck, Dusk head a load crack and the caribou stopped moving and fell to the ground.

"Well, That was easy enough." Dusk said, starting to drag it back to camp. He got about half way back and heard some one coming, lying low he saw it was Andrew.

"For the l’amour of- Andrew why did toi leave?" Dusk asked. "Your dad... I heard your dad..." Andrew a dit breathing heavily. "Is he on danger?" Dusk asked. No, Andrew nodded "Well then help me hall this kill back to camp."

When they got back Zeus was already their... dusk got him and his dad there share of the kill. "Here's, dinner... sorry I wasn't here when toi got back. I had to get something to eat." Dusk said.

His dad smiled and started to eat. When dusk finished he went and asked for Andrew. "When is it, sir?" He asked, walking up to Dusk. "What was it toi were going to tell me about my father?"

"Oh, right come over here..." He said, walking to the arbre line. Andrew sat down and a dit "I over heard your dad and Apollo talking about there health. Apparently the are both not in ideal condition. Apollo mentioned it this way... 'You mean that your health is going down colline too?"

Dusk looked at Andrew and a dit "So my dad and Apollo are in bad health... Okay thanks." "Oh, Dusk, one other thing. toi need to learn to be a great leader... Apollo a dit that he it's sure if your ready to be a leader, since we are allies it might be in your best interest to learn from Apollo and Katrina."

"Thanks for the heads up, Andrew." Dusk a dit walking back up to his den. He got there just as his dad was finishing eating. "Dad, I need to tell toi about something that happened today."

"Okay, what it is?" He asked. "I sprung another trap when I was montrer her the territory, when I asked Acashia to help me get down she uh... um, kissed me."

"I though I told toi not to do anything like that!" Zeus shouted, getting extremely angry with Dusk. "Dad, it wasn't me! and please keep it down, she asked me to keep it a secret. She didn't even want we to tell you..." Dusk said, getting embarrassed.

"Yeah, toi happened to spring a trap! I believe that!" Zeus a dit sarcastically. "Dad please I'm telling the truth, If she finds out i told you... She'll be devastated.

"We'll alright, but I don't want anything else to happen, and thanks for telling me. Now I need to tell toi something... My health, along with Apollo's, it rapidly decreasing rapidly... It's time toi started to ask like a leader, at anytime I my ask toi how toi would handle a situation. toi will answer and I will let toi make the command only if it is correct."

Dusk stood with his mouth open and a dit "I guess thanks! I will gladly take the challenge!" Zeus smiled and a dit "Here is your first opportunity to prov yourself worthy. See those to down there, stop them from fighting."

Dusk looked at them and nodded, he walked down to them and a dit "Wow what's the fighting about?" A black and red loup answered "This guy took my share of caribou, now he is going to pay!"

The black and red loup jumped at the other, Dusk also jumped but at the red and black wolf. He knocked him to the ground and a dit "Where's the sun?" "It-It's setting..." The loup said. "Now, go and get a rabbit ou other small game! I don't want any plus fighting in this pack!" Dusk a dit sternly.

Dusk then turned to the loup the supposedly a volé, étole the others share and a dit "If I have anymore trouble from toi I will personally kick toi out of the pack, GOT IT!" "Yes, Sir..."

Dusk walked back up to his din and sat suivant to his father. "That was okay... I would have handled it the same way but a little plus forcefully." Zeus said. "Well I have had a long day, night dad." Dusk a dit laying down. "Good night son."

The suivant morning...

"Dad wake up, we have a problem!" Dusk said, waking his father. "Crap what happened?" He asked. "One of the other packs has gotten larger and the are on their way to fight!" Dusk shouted running out of the den, his right behind him.

"So which pack is it? K-32?" Zeus asked. "No, I wish it was... It's Black Moon!" Dusk a dit sadly. "Dang it! Black moon has some really good fighters!"

When Zeus and Dusk go to the battle field everything was quiet. I think fog was starting to fill the area, I lone howl broke out. "It was Black Moon's leader calling for Zeus...

"Dusk he want to fight me, alone. Tell the other to on their guard, I have to go face him." Zeus said, starting to walk away. "No toi can't!" Dusk said. "Dusk that is an order!"

"Yes, Sir..." Dusk said.

Zeus walked into the forest, a half mile ou so in stood a wolf, it had a Black top, snow white underbelly, and red on his left eye and his front paws.

"So, Slash, if I am understanding toi correctly this it a duel to the death?" Zeus asked. "Yes, not let's cut the chit-chat and get to business!" Slash a dit leaping for Zeus.

Before Zeus could react, Slash had slit bit his neck and was biting down hard. Zeus punched Slash in the stomach, making him let go. "It will take plus than that the get rid of me!" Zeus shouted.

Slash snarled at him, he ran at Zeus and rammed him full speed into a tree. Slash then kicked Zeus in the head knowing him to the ground. With blood running down his face Zeus a dit "I am going to die in the suivant couple of months... But my son needs me!" Zeus stood up and tried to attack slash.

Slash dogged Zeus' attack and knocked him to the ground again. While on the ground Slash kicked Zeus in the head, chest, and stomach. Finally wielding the death-blow to his dead. Zeus howled out in pain.

Dusk heard his dad and bolted to him... par the time he got there it was too late. Slash was long gone and Zeus was dead. "NO! I WILL KILL toi THE SAME WAY toi DID MY FATHER, SLASH!" Dusk shouted.

He then carried hid dads limp lifeless Body to camp. Dusk set him down in his din, "I need to tell Apollo..." Dusk said, running off.

"Apollo, where is he? I need to speak with him!" Dusk asked. the loup pointed up to din in the side of cliff. he ran up to it and asked "Hello, Apollo?"

"Yes, what is it?" A voice asked. "I am Zeus' son... I must speak with Apollo." Dusk said. "I am him, come in... Is he alright?" Apollo asked.

"Sir, the reason why I am here is because he has... died..." Dusk a dit starting to cry. "Acashia and Katrina had just walked in and saw Dusk crying. "Is something wrong, Dusk?"Acashia asked. "Yes, very... my dad was killed..." Dusk a dit wiping tears from his eyes. "Oh my god!" Acashia shouted hugging Dusk.

AN: Hope toi enjoyed, took me only and heure and half to make. Thanks for lire and pleas comment.
Humphrey had noticed the tall dark loups that were surrounding him as he was speaking with Hunter. "How are toi still alive?" asked Hunter, still not believing that Humphrey could once plus walk among the living.

"You can ask the Masters that one." Humphreys voice deepened and startd to sound like leaves rustling in the wind as the white in his eyes began to glow. "I'd suggest that toi make ammends for what toi did to me and the packs, toi flee and tick ridden worm infested sack of scum unworthy to even be on the floors of Hell."

"When did toi grow a pair?" Hunter was begining to feel as...
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2 weeks later. Fang's POV.

We were all still mourning Shadow. Aleu was hurt the most. She would not talk to anybody. She barely ate. All she did was cry in the corner. I got and walked over to her.

"Aleu. Shadow wanted me to tell toi he was sorry and that he loved you. He wouldn't want toi to go crying over him." I told her. She sniffled.

"Then what should I do?" She asked. Her eye's were red. I just stared at her.

"What do toi think toi should do?" I told her. She thought for a moment. She then looked back at me and nodded. She then got up and walked up to Humphrey.

"Sir we need to destroy...
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
(Bear in mind that I really did go to Alabama, and the story that I tell is one hundred percent true)

(June 27, 2011)

After an exhilarating jour of screwing around on the beaches of Fort Morgan, Alabama, we were all dog tired.
Scar, Kate, and I retreated from the rapidly chilling ocean breeze into the warmth and safety of our rented beachfront property.
Scar and Kate lounged around on the canapé while I prepared dinner; steak for the loups and a supreme pizza for moi. The succulent meaty aroma of steaks mixing with the dough and toppings on the pizza made all of our mouths water.

Once the food...
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Humphrey's POV

I was sleeping peacefully. I didn't notice the pups getting ready to pounce on me. I was dreaming of chasing my pups and playing with them. I was just about to catch Shadow when I woke up and found the pups on my back.
"Why do toi guy's do this?" I asked. They all smiled.
"Cause it's fun." Shadow grinned. "Right Aleu?" He said.
"Y-yeah it's fun." She stammered. I saw her face turning red under her fur. Shakey,Salty and Mooch then entered.
"Hey Humphrey we just thought that y'all didn't get that much sleep last night. So we could go and take the pups for the day?" Shakey asked....
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(June 25, 2011)

When I woke, it was morning. The sun was out and there was nothing left of the storm clouds except a faint haze to the east.
Scar was still slumbering peacefully, her ears twitching. Her soft breathing was so peaceful that I wanted nothing plus than to go back to sleep and cuddle up against that soft fur, but I had to stay up. I hadn't put anything in the car and I needed to get it all packed for the trip.
I dressed quickly and left the room silently.
On my way through the house to the cuisine to get some coffee started, I heard an unusual noise that at first, I couldn't identify....
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Kate was getting ready for her rendez-vous amoureux, date with Humphrey. They had planned to snuggle up and watch horror films until they fell asleep in each others arms. Kate had just gotten out of the douche and dried off. She had to smell good too, especially if Humphrey was going to "make the move" tonight. "Damn, I hope he does." Kate a dit to her reflection. She then noticed something about her reflection that made her uneasy. She noticed that when she smiled in the mirror, her reflection's was bigger, and the teeth were plus sharp looking. How could she have missed it? She had this mirror for years. Kate...
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Humphrey's POV

I was running through a field playing with Kate, Garth, And Lilly and all my omega friends. I would go par Kate and plant a Kiss on her cheek making her giggle. Then it got dark. i looked at my Friends and they seemed not to notice anything. Then a dark shape rose from the ground. I was paralyzed par fear. The shape moved toward my omega Friends and grabbed them. Then I watched in horror as the shape ate the three of my omega friends. The shape then grabbed onto Garth and Lilly and did the same. I tried to run to Kate to save her but i wasn't fast enough. I watched as the l’amour of...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
A/N: Here's my seconde story, I hope that you'll enjoy it. Please review on what toi think of it, ou how I'm doing. Anyways enjoy the story.

Heres a Summary: Humphrey jumped on the train and left Jasper Park to become a lone wolf. Now Kate has to go find him and bring him home. Will she be able to bring him home? ou will Humphrey be too hurt to come home. Read to find out

Chapter 1: Leaving Jasper

Humphrey's POV

I sitting in the boxcar of the train I had jumped on a few hours il y a to leave Jasper. I looked out the open door and watched the forest go par me; the sun was beginning to...
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Kate and humphrey came accueil after a long jour of hunting and shit like that and they were tired so they went to lit and kate fell asleep having a nightmare [Night mare begin's Lately Kate was scared about this killer that she heard about on the news his name was fukaro and she had heard the legend] Kate wake's up in her dream and she get's up to get a glass of water and on her way to the cuisine she hears a loud scraping noise and she Thinks oh its just my imagination and she pours the glass of water from the sink but instead she gets blood and she screams and goes and turn on the television...
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 Jon after the pack of car passes him flipping down the track
Jon after the pack of car passes him flipping down the track
[THIS SERIES WILL ALWAY BE FROM JON'S POINT OF VIEW] Here i am at the age of 4 sitting behind the wheel it now lap 298 we have two laps to go and we are coming to the green flag ok here my first race is under way i'm in 5th and my dad is leading so i will try to pass between two cars and hopefully not wreck [here comes my big rookie mistake] i went to pass and as i got to the front of Kyle he swerved his car becoming loose and tap my back bumper causeing me to slide on the straight away and i got hit par another car and i was fliped on my side and then i was ramed par another and i rolled on...
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posted by Ignas357
Humphrey woke up angry. Angry because his father died in a race a week ago. Everybody said, even the police that it was an accident, but he didn’t believe them. He knew that someone wanted his death… He Lost his mom a long time ago, so he only had Kate left now. Humphrey wasn’t sleeping nor eating much since the accident, so he couldn’t think clearly, but he knew that he’s gonna get his revenge.
He got up, entered his ’68 Barracuda, started the V8 engine and drove to the nearest forest to release some of his anger.
While he was “flying” through the forest roads he remembered the...
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posted by REDWolfleader
Sexual content!!!

"So do toi want me to go get some food?"
"Yes please, honey." I smiled and gave her a Kiss and left. an heure later I came back with some radroach meat, môle, mole rat meat, and some mirelurk meat.
"Kate?" and then I saw her sleeping. I put the meat down and curled up with her. In the morning I ate a bit of meat and then when over to Kate,
"Kate. Kate.Kate." I started licking her and a few minutes of that she woke up.
"Whaaat's going on?" she a dit slowly
"I brought breakfast."
"Oh thank toi honey." and she gave me a big kiss. We ate and, wait... a terminal! I went over to it put my paw...
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Humphrey got up and left the tanière, den to head out. He needed a car to explorer Jasper City. It looks like he had to steal one. There was one right across the rue that was unlocked. He got in and started it and drove off. He eventually bumped a cop, which got him in trouble.
“Sir, I’m going to have to fine you.”
Humphrey didn’t know about cops yet. He got out and punched the cop in the face.
“You can’t sue Humphrey!”
The cop tackled Humphrey and cuffed him, “You’re under arrest for an assault of an officer!”
“You can’t do this! I’ll howl for Winston! toi know the leader...
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it is the night after the moon light howl me and lily are heading accueil from a great carabou dîner we have had a lot going on humphrey and kate had got married yesterday and lilly's dad is sick so we have not had any time to spend together. garth' what are toi thinking about asked lily, "oh nothing i was just thinking about your dad and how he is doing". "i am shure he is fine lily conforted me, yeah i shouldnt worry about that should i i a dit like a complete idiot.

when we got back to our tanière, den i laid down right away i was so tired that i couldn't even hold my own weight. "boy i am really tired...
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posted by UriahA
The pack formed a 56 car convoy. That is the whole pack going after Debbie! Debbie didn’t know what was coming but she was fully prepared for the most part. They arrived at the house she was at. Hutch was the leader and switch his PA radio speakers to external.
“Debbie, we all know you’re in there! Come out now and surrender!”
“Screw toi wolves!” Debbie yelled.
Hutch radioed Cando and Claw, “Yo, Cando, Claw, get in your turrets! We’ll have to threaten her!”
Cando and Claw loaded their turrets, “We got 80 Caliber mounted turrets in 2 of heure trucks! Don’t make us fire!”...
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Kate: What's wrong with you?
[Humphrey has his paws between his legs]
Humphrey: I have to go.
Kate: Can't toi hold it?
Humphrey: No! I can't.

Paddy: toi were relocated to re-populate.
Kate: Ah!
Humphrey: Oh, sounds good to me.
[Kate puts her paw under Humphrey's chin]
Kate: No.

Kate: [Kate tries to stand on to a slippery rock and looks down to see a river] Humphrey!
Humphrey: [Tarzan yell and swings towards Kate] Don't worry Kate, it's all part of the plan
Kate: I can see that
Humphrey: Kate, grab my tail.
Kate: Grab your what?
Humphrey: Take those alpha jaws and grab...
[Kate bites Humphrey...
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Bad language warning.

ROMbot was sitting in the van waiting for the rain to ease up. He was lire the news while fiddling absently with a radio that had "Gone Funny" a few secondes after he descovered he could fit his whole head in it.
"Can toi stop doing that, please?"
ROMbot turned round so fast that he knocked the radio over with his arms.
"Oh," he said. "It's you."
"Hello. Don't mind me. Only been in this corner for 4 years."
Darren the depressed dispenser had been Kenny's third attempt to create a robot for himself. At this point, Chris had slapped his hands away from the computer and given...
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
I watched the pack walk away with that traitor Garret.I finally started to feel some of the angry that I had missied during my conversation. I sighed.
"They should have known they could not just leave."
Those that were still loyle to me stood stiffly waiting to see what I would do.
"Go back to the den, all of toi those others should be along shortly,"I ordered,"along with Garret I would think."
They looked at me, but did as I ordered.
"Blake," I barked,"come out of those shadows to where I can see you."
A tall, black, loup stood and padded forward.
His fourrure was pitch black and I knew that at night...
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Amber yawned then looked out of the tanière, den to see her dad sitting out on the ledge looking over there land. She walked over and sat suivant to her father she looked down to see the beautiful land that they owned. Garth took a breath then turn to amber "honey" amber turn to him "yes father".
Garth replied "you know the east will be yours"?
Amber knew where this talk was going. And she did not want
To worry about that at this time.
She paused and a dit "you know I gotta go"
"my Friends are gonna be worried" she stood up "I gotta go bye dad" Garth frowned and watched her walk down the hill.
Lily walked over "sweets I think" Garth cut her off "next spring she will listen" lily nodded and smiled then went back to the den.
posted by Mitsi1991
Kates inner monster part 6

Garth continued to run as fast as he could trying his best to keep up with
Kate. Little did he know that his mate Lilly and his friend Humphrey just got
wolfnapped par a few hunters, but he ran through the forest determined to find Kate.
Garth stopped and tried to catch his breath and searched around his surroundings to see
if he could find ou hear anything. "Pant,Pant shes got to be around here some where??"
"I must be at least close to finding her....... I hope!" Garth takes one last look around
and puts his nose to the ground and takes a big wiff of the earth hoping...
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