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chaussures de femme

Do u like this shoe?

6 answers | my answer: OMG YES

favori chocolat OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 answers | my answer: every kind but my all time is kit kat

would u take a bath in chocolate?

39 answers | my answer: Yes but i wouldnt be in there for long i would eat...

is it ok to like plus than one guy???

6 answers | my answer: Its fine as long as ur not dating too
Taylor rapide, swift

Post a picture of Taylor rapide, swift with another populaire celebrity.

19 answers | my answer: Wow
Taylor rapide, swift

Taylor rapide, swift picture contest round two

18 answers | my answer: mine
Taylor rapide, swift

Just post a pic of Taylor

19 answers | my answer: this is her being casual
Ashley Tisdale

Post a picture of Ashley Tisdale with her friend(s) ou par herself! Best Pic gets 20 props! Good luck!

9 answers | my answer: Mine
Hello Kitty

If toi was Hello Kitty, what would toi do?

6 answers | my answer: i would eat strawberrys

Say somthing random, and post a aléatoire pic that has nothing to do with your answer!!!!!!!! :}

23 answers | my answer: aléatoire