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Riku114 à dit à propos de Riku114
Welp that Chem midterm had to be on of the easiest tests Ive taken in a while posté il y a 6 heures
Riku114 à dit à propos de Riku114
Also I was debating between the conflict in my own values and ideals the fact that one of my closest college Friends currently does drugs (which I am firm against myself; but I have had online Friends that abused it so now that I think about it I should have no problem with it XD) but from what Ive heard and seen so far, shes rather responsible about it and doesnt push it so I suppose its fine. posté il y a 1 jour
Riku114 commenté…
My firmness on that value of mine hadnt had such a direct question to my decision of people to be around and to choose to be Friends with since those that did do it that I was Friends with did it after I already took them as longer term Friends so something like that was a matter of concern for them rather than decision making on my part il y a 1 jour
Riku114 commenté…
But personally, as much as I disagree with the usage of drugs and what not, as long as people arent in my face about it and trying to get me to take part and they themselves arent harming themselves with it ou their behavior while on it isnt harming others, then its not really horrible. Everyone's life is their own il y a 1 jour
TheLefteris24 commenté…
Same as Zeppie and agree !!!! il y a 16 heures
Riku114 à dit à propos de Riku114
Honestly I really like my Microecon professor XD I mean Ive always loved Economy - both Macro and Micro - but he just makes the class great. Both a wonderful professor and just person in general XD Plus with my l’amour for participating, tendency to sit in the front, and the small conversation I have with him before and after class Im on pretty good terms with him too XD

But lowkey my favori class to go to (until we get to Poultry in Animal Science prolly) posté il y a 1 jour