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Song (Start at 1:28): link

Mily: Welcome back guys. I'm Mily, and I'm hosting tonight's episode of Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. Up suivant is Gran Turismo, and Sean Meets The Powerpuff Girls. Enjoy.

What to expect in this episode.

Captain Jefferson: There are reports being made about a silver Honda drifting on the streets of this town. We need to put a stop to it.


Toby: So toi think toi can build a better layout then Tim, huh?
Julia: toi better believe it.
Toby: And toi won't need help from anypony?
Julia: I can do it all par myself. You, Tim, and everypony will l’amour it.


Pony On...
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Song: link

Jerry: *Pulling a freight train with Jesse*
Parker: *Yawns while stretching his arms* Why can't we do this tomorrow?
S.B: Tomorrow is Sunday. We have to do this today because it's called Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories.
Parker: Whatever, I'm going to bed. *Walks back into the house*
Blossom: He was supposed to be the host.
S.B: What?!
Mabel: Who do we get now?!

Everyone started to freak out and cause chaos until Mily arrived.

Mily: Why does everyone fight with each other when I come over?
S.B & Others: *Staring at Mily*
Liam: Good question.
Red: Can toi host tonight's episode?
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Song: link

Pete: What kind of musique is this?!
Toby: toi don't want to find out.
Pete: Anyway, I'm here to host the S.S.S.S. Let's get the seconde half of our montrer started.

Sean Meets The Powerpuff Girls: Pilot

Announcer: Milford New Jersey. A quiet, and peaceful town, right suivant to Frenchtown, which is also in New Jersey. Did I mention they're also suivant to The Delaware River?
Person 89: Who wants to know?!
Announcer: Anyone that doesn't live in New Jersey.
Person 89: Oh.
Announcer: Sean Bodine, a 19 an old that lives in Milford, was on his way accueil when something landed on the road ahead of him, creating...
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Song: link

S.B: Who's hosting?
Kevin: Not you.
Pete: Don't worry guys, I got this. Pete Reimer from Ponies On The Rails here. Welcome to Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. Here's the lineup for you.

8 PM - Now

Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime

8:30 PM - Later

Sean Meets The Powerpuff Girls
Johnny Lightning

Theme Song: link

Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place that is run par five railroads. It has hundreds of engines, and lots of trains in the four towns, Mossberg, Hunterdon, Zorrin, and Eastwood.

This is the story of trainz.

Episode 27: Yardwork

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Song (Start at 4:28): link

Kevin: *Leading a dancing line with Liam, Mr. Nut, Wayne, Miss. Heart, Tom Foolery, Master Sword, and Saten Twist*
Ian: I wish I could join, but being a train, I'd probably go too fast, and run them over. Now, time for those back to back episodes of Gran Turismo.

What to expect in this episode.

Twilight Sparkle: *In a black convertible with two Royal Guards. A bullet hits the door of the convertible they're in*
Royal Guard: Princess, get down!


Captain Jefferson: Someone tried to assassinate the princess as she entered our town.


Twilight: Why would somepony want...
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Song: link

Johnny: *Yawning as he stretches his arms* We're starting already? It's not 8 PM.
S.B: I'm going on vacation! *Walking away with two suitcases*
Ian: *Stops suivant to Johnny*
Johnny: He's not the creator of the show, is he?
Ian: He does have the initials, S.B.
Johnny: Yes, and he also looks exactly like me.
Ian: ...right. Hello everyone, I'm Ian from Trainz, and I'm hosting Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. Good morning, and let's get started. Here's our lineup.

8 AM


8:30 AM

Gran Turismo - Bak2Bak

This is another story with Con Mane in it. Right now he is planting explosives in a...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Toydarians: *Walking towards a runway*

Song: link

Five months after the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire needed an ally. One that was strong, and capable of damaging the Rebel Alliance.

Jabba The Hutt assigned the Toydarian Army to aid the Empire, and this is the story of their first battle against the Rebels.

Toydarian Pilot: *Flying a Class-62 fighter*

The Class-62:

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Toydarians: *Standing on a runway, watching...
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posted by windwakerguy43
 Art par Alinah
Art by Alinah
So Us was a movie..... The end.
Okay, but seriously, Us is... an interesting film to talk about. It is a movie that I have a lot of things I like about it, and a lot of things I dislike about it. Is it a terrible movie? No, of course not. I mean, Peele has clearly proven his worth as a horror director with his film Get Out, but even the best can make some bad horror movies. Del Toro made Crimson Peaks, a movie I will happily find disgust in despite my live for del Toro's work. But Us is... an odd case. It is a movie that I can't find very scary, can't find very smart, and not due to a preference...
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Have toi ever heard of the legendary ramen Noodle truck? The only way to get a taste is to catch up with it. Enter suivant A-Class, a surprisingly flashy and fun little time considering it is literally a six-minute Japanese car advertisement made in 2012. Despite how short it is, however, the adrenaline rush you'll get watching this animé short is nothing short of thrilling.

By and large the best part of this short is the animation. You'd think it wouldn't have much effort put into it, but par lord Frith himself, is this a damn good looking Original Net Animation. The amount of detail and effort...
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posted by windwakerguy43
I have not a single clue what this is. Okage: The Shadow King, known in Japon as Me and Satan King, yes, really, was a PS2 RPG that was made par Zener Works Studios, a prefecture of Sony Interactive, who worked on such titles like…. Uh… Little Monsters? Anyone?...... They made games on the Vita… Wait, no, that’s worse. So yeah, Zener Works hasn’t exactly had much success with their games, with Okage being their best bet at anything, which sadly wasn’t much. I only heard about this game when I watched a video on one of my favori Youtubers talked about it briefly in their video game...
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Song: link

Tim: Hey, we're back with back to back episodes of Gran Turismo. Let's get started.

Map to the town of Gran Turismo: link

Gran Turismo. A city full of wealth, and ponies that l’amour cars. Most of these ponies are either illegal rue racers, ou cops. This is based off of the Gran Turismo video games, when toi go online, there are these lobbies where people play as cops.

Now if toi take a look at the map, toi will see blue squares. Those are police stations.

Red squares are feu departments, and white squares are hospitals.

Yellow triangles are autoshops. The one with the red center...
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Song: link

FBI Men: *Driving a Camaro* Hurry up! He's coming to stop us!
Johnny: *Chasing the FBI in his Belvedere* Corruption will lead toi to nowhere.
S.B: *Watching Johnny chase the FBI* Well, I was going to have that person who looked exactly like me host this week's segment of the S.S.S.S, but that job will have to go to someone else. We're bringing Gran Turismo back into our lineup, so I'm letting Tim Miller host tonight.
Tim: Thanks. It feels good to be back. Tonight we got a new, crisp lineup for you, also including some shows we already featured in the past.

8 PM

Johnny Lightning - Rated...
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-Chapter 1: An Unforgettable Luncheon

Ring ring.
The doorbell rang. Superintendent Chalmers stood outside, champagne in hand, as he waited patiently. Seymour opened the door, greeted par his employer, who greeted him with a monotone voice
“Well, Seymour, I made it”, Superintendent Chalmers said, “Despite your directions”
“Ah, Superintendent Chalmers! Welcome!” Seymour exclaimed with a smile. “I hope you’re prepared for an unforgettable luncheon”
“Eh”, Chalmers exclaimed in a rather bored tone. He invited himself in, taking a siège at the table, placing the champagne into the...
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Well, looks like it’s time to dust off this corpse of a series that I haven’t touched upon in a long time. Hidden Gems has been on the back burner for quite some time until I could play plus underappreciated games. And now that I am back into it, I think now is the time to start talking about it again. And let’s talk about Persona (Wait, that’s not underrated). It’s no surprise that I l’amour Persona. Like, a lot. And when I was told that there were a ton of other games like it in the world of Shin Megami Tensei, well, I just had to get onboard that. I started with the third game, Nocturne,...
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Song: link

Con: *Listening to the music* That's a nice tune. I wonder what it's called. While I try to find out, enjoy Six Shooters 3.

Song: link

An airplane was flying over the Midwest en route to Los Angeles.

Alan: *Sitting suivant to Harry* Finally, we're getting a well deserved vacation.
Harry: To beautiful California.

SeanTheHedgehog & windwakerguy43 present

Six Shooters 3

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
Windwakerguy430 as Harry Penn
Hannah Belle as Catherine Laurent
Nikki Glaser as Jane Rinnon

Catherine, and Jane are the stewardesses on Alan, and Harry's flight.

Alan: Whoa. Harry. Get...
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Song: link

Sean The Hedgehog: *Holding a .44 Magnum* Hedgehog. Sean The Hedgehog.
Con Mane: Wrong! That's my role!
Sean The Hedgehog: Sorry.
Con Mane: *Clears his throat* Hello, my name is Mane. Con Mane. I'm hosting the S.S.S.S. That's a lot of S's. Now, our line up for tonight is right here.

8 PM - Dr. Ani (A Con Mane Story) Rated PG

8:30 PM - Six Shooters 3 Rated R

Con Mane: Now I'm going to get a milkshake. Stirred, not shaken.

In case toi are wondering, ani is korean for no.

Three old blind stallions were walking alongside a rue to a club. They were all walking with canes making sure they weren't...
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I am aware I am super late when it comes to talking about this movie, but I felt like that, now that I have analysed it, anal-ized it, and pretty much picked out everything about this film, I feel like now is the perfect time to discuss this film and see what it’s worth is. So with that being said, let’s talk about Spielberg

In the récent years, Steven Spielberg has been seen as an old coot who can’t make it with the times, hides all his bad écriture behind a ton of CGI, and just some guy who should probably retire with all of his money and rejoindre the ranks of washed up directors like...
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Hey, finally, a liste that may actually get me noticed because musique is plus common trending than video games. Anyway, I rarely talk about my favori musicians much. A few people hear me gush over a few bands here and there, but rarely do I ever get the chance to talk about them in detail like I would like to. So, for today, and plus the haut, retour au début 100 made me take a break from talking about video games for a bit, I want to share with toi all the musicians, ou bands, ou whatever there is, that I like, just so toi all can understand my tastes, my likes, and judge me because I didn’t put a band you...
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So yes, I have had the name for five years. I have always talked about Wind Waker and it being my favori game ever. And I have talked about it endlessly and why I loved it so much. And even with all the games I have ever played, with all of the games I have experienced and loved, they still never compare. I am aware that they are all better games, technically. Dark Souls has better combat, Resident Evil 4 has plus polish, and Metal Gear Solid 3 has a better story. But Wind Waker is different, cause it was the game that came at the right time.
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker follows Link...
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So Metal Gear Solid 2 was a lot of fun, and I only have brief memories of playing the original Metal Gear Solid on PS1… And I never played Metal Gear Solid 4. So that must mean we are limited to one other Metal Gear Solid game. One that has, not Snake, but someone else. That’s right, it’s Metal Gear Solid V: Phan- Okay, even I can’t run that joke into the ground. No, seriously, though, it’s Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid 3 takes place in the 1960s, the Cold War is just heating up, and the American hero known as The Boss has betrayed the American people and joined...
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