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posted by MTahmisian
Welcome to TV montrer Fanatics! Like I state in the description this is all about the awesomeness called TV shows! Whether it's talking the shows toi l’amour ou finding new shows that toi will enjoy, this club is for everyone. Whether toi like legal, action, thriller, drama, romance, fantasy, cartoon, sci-fi, superhero, horror, family, crime, history, war, western, sports, sitcom name it this club is for you. I'm going to kick off some awesome TV debates, talk, and discovery par listing a few shows I'm crazy about with each of its genres beside it-

24- Action/Thriller/Drama.
Grimm- Sci-Fi/Action/Crime.
The Flash and The Arrow- Superhero/Action/Drama.
Simpsons- Sitcom/Animated.
Suits- Legal/Drama.

My liste goes on and on....

Please commentaire below and let's hear about shows toi l’amour that toi like others will also love!