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► Multifemale | Cool Girl

Multifemale | My Reign Has Just Begun

Supergirl | Luthors | The Devil Within

No réponses [Lena Luthor]

Lena Luthor • "Some people are just bad..."

Octavia Blake | SkaiRipa

Octavia Blake || You're one of the Hundred.

Octavia Blake || Sky Girl {+2x16}

► Octavia Blake || Chandelier

octavia blake L fighting is all toi know

Octavia Blake † Story of a lonely warrior

► octavia blake | only human

Octavia Blake | I'm Not Afraid

Octavia Blake | Metamorphosis (The 100)

The 100 Girls │ One Woman Army

► Octavia Blake || Fight song ( For Tammy)

Octavia Blake │ Final Call

Octavia Blake || Circles || The 100 (+4x06)

Octavia Blake | with hearts beating [+4x06]

● Octavia Blake | Dynastie [+4x04]

Octavia Blake | Soldier | (+4x04)

Octavia Blake | I Dare toi [+4x04]

Octavia Blake | like a river

octavia blake | it was a good death

Octavia Blake | Strike me down

octavia blake || see what I've become [+4x03]

octavia blake | depraved (+ 4x06)

Octavia Blake | Numb

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[XWP] Women of Xena | Broken Heels

►MultiFemale || Hotter Than Hell [HBD Anna!]

haut, retour au début 10 Princesses and Queens from TV

Multifemales | She's a Goddess (My Birthday Collab)

►Katherine & Elena || freak

► Multifemales | S A L U T E

Multibitches | No Hands

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haut, retour au début 10 Best Female TV Friendships

Game of Thrones Ladies // Claim Your Weapon

(GoT) Arya Stark // Strike Me Down

Jessica Jones // Control (S1 Spoilers)

Gasoline - Jessica Jones

Control - Faith Lehane (BTVS/ATS)

We must be killers - Buffy and Faith (BTVS)

[C]ordelia [C]hase | Fight Song

[D]arla | Silhouettes

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haut, retour au début 10 Female Detectives In TV Shows

haut, retour au début 10 TV Mean Girls

haut, retour au début 10 Lead Female Drama TV Characters

Sira - El tiempo entre costuras

Sira Quiroga || So Cold

haut, retour au début 10 Kick cul, ass Female TV Characters

haut, retour au début 10 Lead Female Sci-Fi fantaisie TV Characters

The Vampire Diaries - Caroline Forbes Story

● multifemale | salute!

Who is Haley James Scott? | One arbre colline

►[Brooke Davis] || Fight Song◄

cassie ainsworth | elastic cœur, coeur ❦

Effy Stonem | Hurricane

Multifemales ✗ I'm an Albatraoz

►MultiFemale | Try

multifemales | elastic cœur, coeur

fight song | multifemales.

Multifemales || Fight Song

Lexie Grey | Anybody Out There?

Cristina Yang | Hometown Glory

[Cristina Yang Tribute] if toi can't handle my worst...

Meredith Grey • H A R D

Katherine+Elena - Born to die

Cristina Yang | Unstoppable

Multibitches || Sassy

Multifemales | Good Girls Gone Bad

MultiBitches | Big Dipper (HBD Maddie!)

Multibitches | Flawless

Multibitches | If U seek Amy

Multibitches | My Leftovers

Erin and Nadia | "she is my friend" [+2x20]

POI Ladies - Ready For Another Score

Game of Thrones Women

● MultiBitches: So Good To Be Bad (1300+)

Miss Jackson {Malia Tate}

►TVD Girls || Venus (+100 subs)

►Caroline Forbes | Hello Kitty

Multifemales • Do It Like A Dude [+ PoisonDesiresx]

►MultiFemales | Do It Like a Dude

►MultiFemale | Hello Kitty

Malia Tate | Do it like a dude [4x01]

►MultiBitches | We Are Slavic[collab]

►Multifemale [ Over It ]

MultiBitches | Sexy, Naugthy & Bitchy Me

Multifemales L Teen Idle

►MultiFemales | Bubblegum chienne

Aria Montgomery-Who toi are

laurier, laurel lance [2x11] | can anybody help?

►MultiFemales | Serial Killer

Teen loup Girls Who Run The World

►MultiFemales | Teen Idle

Teen loup | Multi-Female | Miss Jackson

multifemales | safety dance (humor)