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obssesedTDIgirl posted on Sep 19, 2011 at 03:02AM
An RP with mythical creatures! We go to a normal school, but all need to keep our idenity a secret. When you join, please fill this out for any official characters you use!

Creature: (witch, vampire, angel, human, ect)

1. Don't be a jerk!
2. Don't exclude or ignore people, that's rude
3. Keep it pretty clean, but if you really have the need to swear, star* it out.
4. At most, it can be PG-13
5. Please no Mary-Sues or Ravens please!
6. You don't need ask to join, JUST JOIN!
7. This RP doesn't revolv around you, so dot just barge into conversations, unless you ask.
8. No killing other people's OC unless you ask theyr owner

I'm gonna keep track to the characters in this RP

1. Josh Masters-Human (obssesedTDIgirl)
2. Naomi Fire-(Bad)Vampire (obssesedTDIgirl)
3. Rory Swan-Evil Witch (princess2109)
4. Mitzey-Cater (smartone123)
5. Nina-Shifter (smartone123)
6. Jade-Vampire (smartone123)
7. Riley-Immortal Good Witch (colecutegirl)
8. Alex-Vampire (colecutegirl)
9. Dahvie-Human (colecutegirl)
10. Pixie-Angel/Bender (colecutegirl)
11. Rochelle-Werewolf (Seastar4374)
12. Cole Jericho-Electromancer (dxarmy423)
13. Alice Markhov-Chronomancer (dxarmy423)
14. Kelsey Masters- Mermaid (obssesedTDIgirl)
15. Chris-Tlelmancer (dxarmy423)
16. Katie-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
17. Christian-Human (Strawberry0020)
18. Lance-Human (Strawberry0020)
19. Claire Barreta-Cryomancer (dxarmy423)
20. Evangeline-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
21. Torion-Fire/Water/Earth/Air Bender (obssesedTDIgirl)
22. Scott-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
23. Lust- 1/7 Deadly Beings (dxarmy423)
24. Envy- 1/ Deadly Beings (dxarmy423)
25. Bryan- Wizard (obssesedTDIgirl)
26. Tomoyo- Vampire (Strawberry0020)

You name will be added to the list as you join :)
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il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~The mansion's entrance~
Lance: What? Alice quit too?
Scott: I'll go talk to him...
~The abandoned city~
Katie: *Stops walking for a bit and shakes her head, sad* You don't have to be... *Keeps walking* I still have to find my way out of here before my mom finds out I'm gone.
~The mansion, the balcony~
Evangeline: I'm sorry too. It's a shame that I just now realized that I'm this mean. I didn't mean for things to go this far. I still have to apologize to Katie, too. I feel so bad...
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
falls asleep-nina
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In the city*

Dante: its ok, I want to be friends. A former demon has to have friends right?

Dante: anyway if you want to get out of this part of the city follow me *runs down the street*

*At the Mansion Steps*

Cole: *sad* why should I stay here? what do I have to fight for?

Chris: Cole snap out of it!

Claire: Chris just leave him alone, he needs to think

*on the Balcony*

Eve: yeah we both have to apologize to katie, then get ready for the battle tomarrow

Eve: do you think she'll still trust us after this?
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
land on hte roof of a high building in New York-john
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: O-Okay... *Follows Dante*
~The City~
Katie: *Stops walking and looks in a store window* Hey, I have a perfect gift for Sebastian! *Points to a ship in a bottle* He loves weird stuff like this! Hey, wait up. I'll be out in a sec. *A bit happier*
~The lounge~
Christian: Katie must feel so crushed...
Hazel: How?
Christian: Sebastian's birthday party was supposed to be held tomorrow! What's the point in coming if everyone's too stressed to have a good time? She probably canceled it...
Hazel: I don't want to cancel the party! It was going to be so fun!
Sebastian: *Walks into the room before Christian continues talking, still not knowing about the party*
Christian: Well so far, Scott and Lance made up with each other, Eve and Evangeline made up with each other, I'm not sure about Katie with the whole situation between her Evangeline, Eve, and Dante though.
Sebastian: *Walks back out, unseen* Nobody's getting along, and some of these people still aren't fully trained. I'll have to delay the war somehow...
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
hears them with weird ears"be right back"runs down stairs and buys a watch-john
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In the City*

Dante: ok

Dante: *thinks* Why does she want to get some ship in a bottle

*At the mansion, In the Lounge*

Cole: *walks in and sits on the couch* *depressed* ugh today sucks

Chris: cole just man up and snap out of it!

Claire: chris just leave him alone ok?

Chris: no! He is one of the strongest here but he can't even man up about Alice going back to america! *yells loud enough so everybody heres*

*On the Balcony*

Eve: *to evangeline* well I guess we should go find dante and make sure he hasn't done something stupid
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
lands next to eve"hi"-john
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
big smile
Evangeline: Yeah... *Sees John and surprise jumps* ACK!
~The entrance~
Lance: Just calm down, man! Just sit down. (Chris)
~The gift shop~
Katie: *Digging through her wallet* Uh... *Pulls out money* Here ya go! ^^
Clerk: *Gives Katie change and a bag* Thank you, ma'am. Have a nice day!
Katie: You too, good night! *Walks outside* Alright I'm ready.
~The mansion, Katie's room~
Katie: *Climbs in the window and puts the gift in the storage room*
???: *Knocks on the door*
Katie: Uh... *Tosses jacket behind the room divider* and throws boots under her bed* ...Come in!
Tomoyo: Hey, Sebastian wants to see us!
Katie: Um, okay?
~Sebastian's study~
*It's only Tomoyo, Sebastian, and Katie there*
Sebastian: I see we aren't fully prepared for war yet.
Katie: We're so sorry Sebastian, There's just to much going on!
Sebastian: It's fine. I just have a plan to delay the war.
Tomoyo: Really?
Sebastian: Yes. I'm not sure how much time we have, but we should have plenty of time to train after this plan.
Katie: So what's the plan?
Sebastian: We'll ask the Rouge leader nicely.
Tomoyo: When? -_-
Sebastian: Tonight, 10:45 pm.
Katie: This soon?
Sebastian: *leans in closer towards Sebastian* It's simple.
~An hour later at Rouge hideout (Still in Tokyo)
Sebastian: *Standing completely still, with a cold, but blank expression*
Rouge leader: *Laughing* AHA! You want me to delay the war because your members of the kiddie playground aren't prepared. I could care less! Screw up off you spineless bast***.
Tomoyo: *Posing as Sebastian's assistant* This is ridiculous!
Leader: Shut your mouth, you fool!
Tomoyo: *Stares off in the window and nods*
Sebastian: Very well, we tried... See you tomorrow.
*Sebastian and Tomoyo turn around to walk away*
Tomoyo: *Makes an 'L' behind his back*
*The rouge leader's head randomly blows off*
*Tomoyo and Sebastian jump behind separate walls*
Sebastian: *Pulls out a magnum and starts shooting the guards*
*Guards start shooting*
Tomoyo: *Bullet scrapes his face, making his face bleed* Agh, dammit!
Sebastian: leans back behind the wall*
*Guards start dropping dead out of nowhere until they're all down*
~A rooftop kilometers away from the rouge hideout*
Katie: *On her stomach, with a sniper rifle peering through the scope* Ha. *Talks in headset* They're all down Sebastian, get out of there now!
~The rouge hideout~
Sebastian: Let's go Mr. Okuzaki!
Tomoyo: Right! *Nods*
~Over by Katie~
Katie: *Packs up equipment and leaves*
~The mansion~
Katie: *Runs upstairs excited* THE WAR IS DELAYED!
Joetta: Really? You pulled it off? My daughter's a sniper!
Tomoyo: That's something to be proud of? XD
Katie: It was so scary though!
Lance: You guys delayed the war?!
Katie: Hell yeah! ^^
Scott: Awesome! We should go tell the others!
Katie: *Pauses* NOT IT!
Lance: NOT IT!
Joetta: *Laughs* I'll tell them. Stop being so silly... XD
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
"whats up"-john
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In the Lounge*

Cole: *sad because alice is gone* ugh

Chris: Cole just forget about alice, we have to fight the rogue!

Claire: Chris I said leave him alone!

Dante and Eve: *sitting next to each other on the couch*
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~The Lounge~
Joetta: *Comes in with cookies and sits them on the coffee table* I have great news! Sebastian was able to postpone the war!
Katie: *Walks in looking a bit shy*
Joetta: Tell them how you blew the Rouge Leader's brain out, honey! >=D
Katie: I'd rather not, ma. XD
Tomoyo: We have more time for training!
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In the Lounge*

Cole: great, no more war, wow! *sarcastic*

Chris: you went into the rogue's base and shot them in all *in disbelief*

Claire: great you stopped one threat against the world

Dante and Eve: *sitting together on the couch*

Eve: so what do we do now?

Dante: I say we raid the rogue's base and take all of their gold
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Yup, I feel awful though! (To Dante) *Looking down, still afraid to talk* You'll have to ask Sebastian about that. He might get upset you don't because he might already have a plan. *Turns around and walks away in a hurry*
~The hall~
Katie: *Wandering around in the hallway aimlessly*
~Katie's room~
Hazel: The party should still go on!
Christian: I know, all this hard work shouldn't go to waste! D=
Hazel: We should check with Katie though...
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In the Lounge*

Cole: *sad* I'm going to go for a walk *goes outside*

Claire: I think we should try to cheer Cole up?

Chris: how do you suppose we do that?

Claire: idk lets go talk to Katie

*In Sebastian's study*

Dante: yo sebastian, you in here?

Eve: I think he left
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~Sebastian's Study~
Sebastian: *Just walking in* Oh, hello.
~The hall~
Katie: *Walking* So much for the party... How am I supposed to invite them if I'm afraid to talk to them? =(
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In Sebastian's study*

Dante: So sebastian, can we raid the rogues base and steal their money

Eve: also is this really the end of the war?

*In the Hall*

Claire: hey katie!

Chris: can we ask you something?

*In an abandoned part of the city*

Cole: *walking around* *hears something behind him* huh?

????: *hits cole in the head and knocks him out*
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~Sebastian's study~
Sebastian: I said, we'd delay the war, not end it. The rouge must select another leader, which could take weeks, maybe months. We still have to train though, but not for long though. I'd say maybe a good 2 hours a day would do just fine, probably at least 3 weeks.
~The hall~
Katie: *Jumps* HUH? Wait what? *Turns around* Oh, hey... *Looks down, still too shy to talk* What can I help you with?
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In Sebastian's study*

Eve: what we still have to fight?

Dante: *grabs sebastian by the shirt* Look, this has to be over, you destroyed them

*In the Hall*

Chris: why so jumpy katie?

Claire: yeah?

*In an abandoned warehouse*

Cole: *tied to a chair* *wakes up* ugh where am I?

????: good your awake mister jericho

Cole: who the f*** are you?

????: what you don't recognize me, your old friend Envy *punches Cole in the face*

Cole: so you didn't die *spits blood on the floor*

Alexander: No and my name is Alexander

Alexander: and I'm working for the Lightning Assassins now!

Cole: WHAT!

Alexander: thats right, the same team your father used to work for!
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il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Sebastian: *Hits Dante in a nerve that temporarily numbs him from the shoulders down* Settle down. *Brushes himself off* There are over 15 Rouge bases in the world. We can go all over the world in less than a Christopher.
~The Hall~
Katie: *Shakes head* I don't know. *Keeps walking*
Lance: *Walking down the hall from them*
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il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In Sebastian's study*

Dante: *falls to the ground* I can't move!

Eve: Sebastian what did you do to him!

*In the hall*

Chris: Katie wait!

Claire: we wanted to ask if you could cheer up cole, he hasn't been the same since Alice quit

*In an Abandoned warehouse*

Alexander: *punches cole again*

Cole: *spits out more blood*

Alexander: now cole, tell us what you know about Shangri La

Cole: other than its a myth! *spits in Alexander's face*

Alexander: you stupid idiot *punches cole again, then calls over two armed guards*

Alexander: Remember I work for the Lightning Assassins! I could turn you into your fathers family and claim the bounty on your head!

Cole: Fine you wanna know about Shangri La, listen

Alexander: I'm waiting and If you don't tell the truth my friends here will fill you with lead
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~Sebastian's Study~
Sebastian: Don't worry, it's temporary. *Sighs* What I was trying to say is, taking out the leader was a big step... But the Rouge can elect another leader anytime. We still have to train just in case. And there's no proof that we killed leader, Katie disabled the security cameras and killed everyone there at the time. The war is still on!
~The hallway~
Katie: I don't know...
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*In Sebastian's Study*

Eve: *helps dante stand up* Come on Dante, we apparently have to go train

Dante: ugh ok

*In the Hallway*

Claire: come on Katie, you have too

Chris: it was kinda your fault alice quit

*In an Abandoned Warehouse*

Cole: *tied to a chair* ok I told you everything I know about Shangri La

Alexander: well that is an interesting story

Alexander: now guards take mister jericho to the ocean, he wants to swim *laughs*
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
big smile
Katie: *Sad* It's my fault? All you did was sit there and ask everyone else to talk to him! You guys are his closest friends, and everyone seems to be putting the blame on me! Look at everyone who dug their own grave... I'm just not in the mood for it okay? I'll see you guys tomorrow. *Gets mad, walks to her room and slams the door*
~Katie's room~
Hazel: *Laying on her stomach beside Christian, coloring on the poster board*
Katie: *Sits on the floor by Christian*
Christian: What's wrong?
Katie: It's not even anything to be worried about. *Notices Hazel coloring the poster board for Sebastian's party* Hey, what are you doing?
Hazel: The party's still going on Katie. We aren't going to spend all this money for nothing.
Christian: Yeah. Isn't this what you wanted?
Katie: Yeah, but nobody's going to bother to show up. So I just got Sebastian a gift.
Christian: The others will show up! At least they would for Sebastian.
Katie: Maybe they will, maybe they won't but I'm not taking any chances.
Christian: Yes, we are! Sebastian never gets out of the mansion, only for business! Don't you at least want him to have some fun here?
Katie: Of course I do! But we still have training.
Christian: We'll find a way, honey. Trust me. It's now or never, are you gonna still throw the party or not?
Katie: *Sighs* Okay. *Sits on the ground* So what are you guys working on now?
Hazel: Well, I'm working on the poster still. Christian needs help finding out what Sebastian might like to eat.
Katie: I'll ask.
~Sebastian's study~
Katie: *Walks past Dante and eve and into the room* Hey Sebastian. I heard your birthday was coming up.
Sebastian: Yes.
Katie: So watcha doing for your birthday?
Sebastian: Nothing actually.
Katie: How about Christian, Hazel, my mom, and I take you out to dinner or something?
Sebastian: Hmm.
Katie: Come on, what's your favorite restaurant?
Sebastian: Hmm... I would say Huroshigi's restaurant.
Katie: Awesome. We'll come get you Saturday night, 8:30 pm!
Sebastian: *Chuckles a bit*
Katie: Alright, later Sebastian! Love ya, dude! (Friend way xD)
~Katie's room~
Katie: Quick look up the menu from Huroshigi's!
Christian: *Looks up restaurant menu on his phone* I got it! Uh...
Katie: What?
Christian: I can't even pronounce half of the stuff on here!
Katie: *Looks on the phone* Holy crap! What is that?
Christian: *Squints eyes* I don't know...
Katie: Okay, skip that one. Look for something non-living and edible, please.
Hazel: *Laughs* I'm done! I just need to splatter paint and glitter on it! ^^
Katie: *Sounds more excited* Awesome! ^^ *Thumbs up* I should probably call Cole, see if he's alright. *Calls Cole* Come one answer... *A bit worried*
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*Down my the docks*

Cole: *tied to a chair*

Alexander: so mister cole, any last words before you go for a swim

Cole: *spits in Alexander's face again* you'll never make it to Shangri La. The mountain will kill you!

*Cole phone goes off*

Alexander: *takes cole's phone* stupid object *throws the phone in the water*

Cole: *thinks* Dammit, I'm not gonna make it. I can't believe my own family would betray me

Alexander: good bye mister cole *kicks cole into the water*

Cole: *tied to a chair and can't swim, holds his breath as he falls in*

Alexander: shoot the water, I don't want him alive!

*Two guards shoot the water*

*At the Mansion, In the Lounge*

Chris: what is Katie's problem?

Claire: idk but she never used to act like this

Chris: I bet it's sebastian's fault

Dante and Eve: *walk into the room*

Eve: yeah sebastian hit dante and paralyzed him!
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il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Dammit. He didn't answer! I'll be right back.
~Sebastian's study~
Katie: Hey, Sebastian.
Sebastian: Yes?
Katie: I need one more thing.
Sebastian: What?
Katie: Hack into the iPhone account thing and find out where Cole is.
Sebastian: Sounds a bit, exorbitant.
Katie: I'm serious. It's like he dropped off the face of the Earth! He won't answer his phone!
Sebastian: Hmm...
Katie: I'm not kidding around. Nobody knows where he is. Chris and Claire are worried to death!
Sebastian: *Sighs* Alright then. *Types on his computer* Hmm... Cole Jared, Cole Jerry, Cole Jericho! I found the location of his phone!
Katie: Where?
Sebastian: It's at the docks?
Katie: What would he be doing at the docks. *Bad thoughts of suicide and dumping dead bodies pop up in her head* COLE! *Takes off running*
Sebastian: Have fun!
~Th kitchen~
Katie: *Leaving* Bye mom! Me and Tomoyo are going to an abandoned warehouse to look for Cole!
Joetta: 'Kay honey, have fun!
Katie: *Takes off running*
Joetta: O_O Wait, WHAT?
~The warehouse~
Tomoyo: Hey, dude where are you?
Katie: *Runs through out of breath* Cole? *Sees Cole's bloody spit on the ground (gross xD)* What the- *Sees drag marks on the ground* COLE! *Runs outside and follows tire tracks*
Tomoyo: Wait up!
~The docks~
Katie: *Out of breath* COLE! *Sees Alexander and the other guards* OH, crap...
Tomoyo: *Stops running* O_O

(Epic face again! xDDD)
 Katie: [i]Dammit. He didn't answer![/i] I'll be right back. ~Sebastian's study~ Katie: Hey, Sebastian
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…

Cole: *holding his breath, struggling to get free* have to get free, I can't let them win!

Cole: *running out of breath* *panicking*

*At the Docks*

Alexander: *sees Katie and Tomoyo* *says with british accent* well well what do we have here

Alexander: *british* The little vampire girl and her dumb friend, well your a little late to the party

*Guards load their guns then aim at Katie and Tomoyo*

Alexander: *british* boys how about you send these children to meet their friend *laughs*

Guards: *start shooting at Katie and Tomoyo*

*At the Mansion, In the lounge*

Eve: I say we stage a mutiny! Kick Sebastian out! and Take over!

Dante: yeah He can't even lead us, I'm all for a mutiny

Chris: yeah why not!

Claire: we're gonna get in trouble -_-
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
(ha nice)
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
Tomoyo: *Inhales slowly (Slowing down time) and catches the bullets*
Katie: HOLY...
Tomoyo: GET DOWN!
Katie: *Drops on her stomach*
Tomoyo: *Throws bullets back in super speed and hits two guards in the chest*
Katie: *Inhales slowly and restrains Alexander* Where's Cole?!
Tomoyo: *Looks in the water*
Katie: Oh no! *Looks at Tomoyo*
Tomoyo: What?
Katie: Aren't you gonna get him?
Tomoyo: I can barely hold my breath for for thirty seconds under water.
Katie: *Pushes Alexander down* -_- Fine. Keep him restrained. *Takes off shoes*
Tomoyo: Alright.
Katie: *Dives in the water* Cole? *Sees Cole floating around, tied to a chair* Sh**! *Swim over and tears the rope (super strength of course. xD) *Grabs his arm and swims up*
Tomoyo: *Sitting on Alexander's back* So... How's it going?
Katie: *Pops up out of water, close to collapsing and gasping for air* OH MY GOD!
Tomoyo: What?
Katie: *Falls on her hands and knees* COLE! You are too damn heavy!
Tomoyo: So what now?
Katie: *Gasping for air* Call Sebastian and tell him come and bring him to the mansion! *Slowly gets up, looking clumsy*
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*At the docks*

Cole: *out cold from lack of air, bleeding from a bullet wound in his shoulder*

Alexander: *knocks tomoyo out cold with brass knuckles, drops a smoke bomb and disappears*

*At the Mansion*

Dante: so are we serious about this mutiny?

Eve: yeah, we should be in control!

Chris: fine lets go fight sebastian

Claire: this isn't a good idea
il y a plus d’un an Strawberry0020 said…
~The mansion~
Evangeline: Y-you guys are gonna fight Sebastian? I don't think that sounds right either. I'm not doing it. Dante please don't do it!
Katie: *Burst through the door* THIS DAY SUCKS! *Soaking wet, hair messed up and her clothes sagging*
Evangeline: Whoa, you look horrible.
Evangeline: Where's Tomoyo?
Katie: *Pulls Tomoyo in the house by his foot* RIGHT HERE! *Very frustrated*
Evangeline: Why would you be diving in the water when it's the start of winter?
Katie: Trying to save this guy's ass! (Cole)
Evangeline: You aren't doing this too aren't you?
Evangeline: Betraying Sebastian.
Katie: WHAT?
Evangeline: The others want to start a mutiny against Sebastian!
Evangeline: You guys shouldn't be doing this! This is the man who sheltered you, trained you, and gave you free hotel service! *Looks at Claire and Alice*
Sebastian: *Walks through the room* ...And riches stolen.
*Everyone jumps*
Katie: What?
Sebastian: Well, Dante. I've taken you up on your offer to steal the Rouge's gold and money. It's being shipped to my vault back in England right now. I was interested in splitting it among us all, but I'd rather keep it there, knowing that you children would want to use it against me in war. I beg to differ, but don't think you should be in my presence if you want to fight me. Therefore, you should leave this instant.
Evangeline: Sebastian, please don't!
Katie: Don't kick them out! They don't stand a chance in war themselves!
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…
(Sorry I was groundd....)

Charlie:*walks in with her hand aound her neck*Mister, I think someone bit me.....

Amy:*to clair*For once I agree with ya.....
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il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
*At the mansion*

Cole: *still out cold and bleeding from a bullet wound in his shoulder*

Eve: *pokes Cole with a stick* Is he still alive?

Dante: *to sebastian* we're not going anywhere

Chris: Forget about the mutiny...for now

Claire: we have to find out who would attack cole like this?
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
(i still can't tell whats going on)
il y a plus d’un an dxarmy423 said…
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
il y a plus d’un an vegeta007 said…
hi guess i'm a lil late
Creature:half human half giant ape he has under a tail his pants
(be warned he carries a rifle with, he wont shoot just knock over the head with it and he's pretty tough he wrestles bears
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 hi guess i'm a lil late Name:Jason Age:16 Creature:half human half giant ape he has under a tail his
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
il y a plus d’un an vegeta007 said…
(hi) (howzit)
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
(ninas a shifter,john a angel,jade is a vampire)
il y a plus d’un an vegeta007 said…
(tell her not to bite my neck i do have a rifle)
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
(i don't think bullets hurt her much but she can control it now)
il y a plus d’un an vegeta007 said…
(I have it handcuffed and i dont plan on shooting her)
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
(she with john you'll have to keep her off the handcuffs anyway she human right now)
il y a plus d’un an vegeta007 said…
dont make me go ape on them
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…
(YAY SOMEONE NEW!Ok so Rexie Cena is a dog-shifter, she can turn into any dog, Amy Orton is a snake-shifter, same as what rexie can do but with snakes, Levi Swagger is a Eagle neko, She has eagle wings on her back, Jenetta Jacobs aka Jane is a fire monster....She can light herself on fire but she can't control it....Oh and there is my cute lil' british gal Charlie Barrett who is human...ok?)
il y a plus d’un an vegeta007 said…
apes rule
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…
il y a plus d’un an smartone123 said…
nina:bear/tigers rule
il y a plus d’un an aprilacne said…