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ktichenor a dit …
I don't know if this has happened yet, ou not but I think the Beatles deserve a special Oscar. I mean what musique group were also amazing actors like the Beatles? They were so natural and genuine in front of the camera, I mean why not? I think that would be awesome! Besides they're films were amazing and no other group has had the same success in film ou musique as the Beatles. I think they deserve it! posté il y a 1 jour
ktichenor commenté…
But if it has happened then I'm really glad! :D il y a 1 jour
ktichenor commenté…
Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes and absolutely yes!!!! il y a 13 heures
80smusiclover1 commenté…
Yeah, yeah, yeah! il y a 9 heures
ktichenor a dit …
I get so angry when people who call themselves Beatle fans post mean, unfunny images of the Beatles on Pinterest. I mean how can toi call yourself a Beatles fan when you're doing stuff like that!? They're not true Beatles fans, they're fakers! And they should be ashamed of themselves! posté il y a 3 jours
yorkshire_rose commenté…
^I full agree...all I can say is that they really need to get a life !!! Just ignore them,they are not worth it ! il y a 3 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Exactly! Well, said! il y a 3 jours
ktichenor commenté…
I know right? Some people are just rude and want to cause trouble and make people angry because they have no life! They probably know nothing of the Beatles, anyway! Just a bunch of whiny haters! il y a 2 jours
Rubyrings a dit …
Happy 50th anniversary of that wonderful, psychedelic movie, Yellow Submarine! posté il y a 3 jours
ktichenor commenté…
We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine.... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 il y a 3 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Fantastic Movie!!! :D il y a 3 jours
ktichenor commenté…
That's my favori scene, too! It's just so something that John would do! <3 il y a 13 heures