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le choix des fans: Already saw it... and....IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!
le choix des fans: True
le choix des fans: Goo Goo Ga Joob
le choix des fans: No.....stupid conspirators....
le choix des fans: Brian Epstein
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80smusiclover1 a dit …
I get par with a little help from the Beatles! posté il y a 2 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Well said! :) il y a 2 jours
Rubyrings commenté…
My sentiments exactly! il y a 2 jours
Rubyrings a dit …
Sometimes I find myself randomly wondering: what do toi think the Beatles' driver's licence photos looked like? I mean, two fundamental truths are clashing here - the Beatles look good in every photo, but no one looks good in a driver's licence photo! I would l’amour to get a look at these, just so I could have my answer.... posté il y a 8 jours
80smusiclover1 commenté…
I sometimes wonder about that myself, too. il y a 8 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Personally I think they would look good. They are very photogenic :) il y a 8 jours
80smusiclover1 a dit …
I almost forgot, this an will also mark the 55th anniversary of Please Please Me and With The Beatles. posté il y a 9 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Awesome! Love, l’amour those albums! :) il y a 9 jours
80smusiclover1 commenté…
I l’amour them, too! Please Please Me is my seconde favori Beatles album after A Hard Day's Night. il y a 9 jours
Rubyrings commenté…
Those are probably my favourite albums after Help! il y a 9 jours