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Guide by deedragongirl posted il y a plus d’un an
fan of it?
Colourful Barcelona.
Hi guys, my name is Dee and I come from Malaysia, it's been coming to 6 years since I have been to Barcelona with my family. This whimsical city has always cheer me up with its unusual artwork par Gaudi, Joan Miro and Salvador Dali.

Whimsical Barcelona

I had always wanted to go to Spain and Barcelona was the only Spanish city that I had been, I would like to go to plus cities like Seville, Madrid and Toledo in the near future.
When I first arrived, the only things that pops out in my mind are the brand MNG and the Barcelona football team. But the moment that I arrived there, I looked at their eccentric and whimsical artworks and architecture known for the bright and vibrant colours.
Finally, not to forget the famous Sagrada Familia which is not completed sadly. But it's still attracts tourist to admire the church, unfortunately we did not go in as it may be still under construction.
Other places that we have been were the Casa Mila, Casa Batllo and Park Guell. These city is really amazing that I wonder how did Gaudi make the first 2 houses. It really amaze me and I would imagine that he let his imagination run wild with...
News by MisterH posted il y a plus d’un an
fan of it?
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