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Uploaded par lyramausi on April 23, 2010 attention Ladies.... Jared Padalecki hotness alert!!! No copy right infring... rated XXX - dont watch if child !!
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-is filled with hate, but capable of montrer deep love.
-is proud and stubborn, yet sensitive and compassionate.
-is a follower, but wants to be a leader.
-has immense physical strength, but not as much inner strength.
-is tough and masculine, but emotionally sensitive.
-is selfish, but caring.
-wants to live his own life, but cannot separate himself from his family.
-wants to be like Dean, but is afraid of losing his individuality.
-hates the monster inside him, but respects himself as a person.
-knows his limits, but pushes himself to do more.
-is basically honest, but lies to protect himself and his family.
-knows right from wrong, but often pursues wrong paths to do what's right.
-is far from perfect, but he's perfect in my eyes.
The moon was going down as the last couple of drunken bar-hops stumbled out of The Rock Inn. It was named The Rock Inn because of it's tattered decor of posters of Elvis and the few Les Paul guitars hanging. The only real performance toi got around there was the old 60s musique that hummed out of the juke box.
My head had been pounding all night. Fed up, I grabbed the bottle of aspirin that sat on the dusty wooden shelves under the bar. Pouring myself a shot of scotch and took them. "They say toi shouldn't mix those together," I heard Mallory call over my shoulder. I glanced back at her.
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