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le choix des fans: Archie and jughead
Archie and jughead
Betty and veronica
le choix des fans: Fred Andrews
le choix des fans: Jughead
le choix des fans: The Blossom Family
le choix des fans: Alice Cooper
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shoelacebaby a dit …
What if Archie and Betty get together and Veronica and Jughead get together. Then FP and Alice find their baby. posté il y a 10 mois
Betty_jones commenté…
no I won’t handle it well I really ship bughead il y a 9 mois
iamthebest200 a dit …
Veronica and Archie are such a cute couple but I think that Archie is starting to like Betty but she's with Jughead and Jughead and Archie are best friends. That's really messed up if I'm right about this posté il y a plus d’un an
Seddie4Ever a dit …
It's too bad fanpop is so dead because if Riverdale had been a thing only five years ago, this spot would be super active. posté il y a plus d’un an
laurik2007 commenté…
ikr? sad though il y a 10 mois