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 Favourite song
Favourite song
This version is on Il était une fois so enjoy. réponses are down below the article and the questions are up on top.

Q1 Favourite male character in Enchanted?

Q2 Favourite haut, retour au début 3 characters in Il était une fois and why?

Q3 Favourite song in the movie and why?

Q4 Favourite couple in this movie and why?

Q5 What scene from Il était une fois Ma Sorcière Bien Aimée me and why do I l’amour that scene?

Q6 Favourite sidekick in Enchanted?

Q7 What do I think will happen in the sequel?

Q8 Favourite Villain?

Q9 Favourite ending?

Q10 Favourite funny moment in Enchanted?

Q11 Favourite romantic moment in Enchanted?

Q12 Favourite entrance from Enchanted

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I have to admit but this film is actually very good. I loved it since I first saw it on YouTube 3 years il y a and I got the DVD 2 years ago. So here is my ups and downs for my favourite movie of the 21st century Enchanted. Enjoy.

Ups of the movie

* Amy Adams nailed on her performance as the wannabe princess Giselle I loved how she played her part so well it was like the role was made for her.

* The musique is brilliant. It should have won a bloody Oscar as Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz were brilliant doing the film score.

* The whole cast was brilliant as well as Patrick Dempsey who I admit am...
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 This scene had me in stitches.'Where did toi get that dress'(Robert}. 'You like'[Giselle)
This scene had me in stitches.'Where did you get that dress'(Robert}. 'You like'[Giselle)
I have to say I was surprised to see Patrick Dempsey in a musical romantic comedy fantaisie I was like wait a minute that’s that dude from Greys Anatomy. Oh boy this guy sucks in almost every movie so when I saw him in this little gem I was like OMG I now know who my secret crush is yep Dempsey. As for Amy Adams I thought she was Nicole Kidman ou Kristen Dunst as I never even heard of this actress before. She was brilliant as Giselle who starts off as a cartoon maiden living in a fantaisie world and then she transforms into a live action version of herself in Times Square New York City. I loved...
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Ok another one now and this time I am talking about Il était une fois and The Little Mermaid.

Main characters in both films

Ariel: Like Giselle Ariel is a lovesick mermaid who dreams of being part of the human world and falls for a sailor named Eric who is a prince. She has a statue (like Giselle) of Eric and her father King Triton thinks that humans are barbarians.

Giselle: Amy Adams who sings, voices and plays this character is a dead ringer to Ariel par the way she acts and sings. She has a statue of Robert and like Ariel she is obsessed with finding true love(yep princesses they have to get what they...
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posted by LisaForde
Giselle is happy.

Well. Giselle is nearly always happy, ou tries to be. But today she is especially happy, because she and Enchante are finally open for business.

It has been a long time coming, she thinks, remembering the days haunting accueil Depot and Restaurant City and nights poring over loan documents. The wee early hours petting the beautiful expresso, café expresso machine crowding out her cuisine table, only to turn and pour filtered water and measure freshly-ground beans into her Mr. Coffee machine on the counter, promises to herself writ in the steam rising from her cup.

The l’espace she’s let for the...
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posted by LisaForde
 ROFL this scene was hilarious as Robert pushed Giselle into his flat.
ROFL this scene was hilarious as Robert pushed Giselle into his flat.
This is my opinion on Robert Philip. Hope that toi will enjoy it

On his personality

Personally I rather him than Edward because his not vain, he sees life the way it is, his not a romantic man that will sweep toi off your feet, he had his cœur, coeur broken so many times and he has to look after his only daughter all par himself which is tough for a single parent.

On his relationship with Giselle

I actually find his relationship with Giselle cute as they are like the live action version of Eric & Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I rather her than Nancy as Nancy was all full of herself I was like what...
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 Enchanted's Happy Working song
Enchanted's Happy Working song
Another article now and this time I am talking about Il était une fois and Snow White.

Snow White& Giselle

Both of these characters are sweet and they are Friends with animals. They both take a poison pomme and go into a deep sleep and they have to be awaken par true love’s kiss.

Scenes that Il était une fois mocks

*The wicked Queen aka Susan Sarandon’s Queen Narissa is similar to the wicked Queen in Snow White as they both turn into old hags and give the herione of the movie a poison pomme that will make them go into a deep sleep.

* True love’s Kiss scene is kinda similar minus the dwarves.

* When Giselle is cleaning Robert’s apartment she summons animaux to clean up his apartment and sings a song that is like Whistle While toi Work entitled Happy Working Song.

* Giselle & Snow White are both sweet and childish.

*Edward & Giselle riding off in the sunset.
 The orignal version
The orignal version
 Queen in Snow White
Queen in Snow White
 Queen in Il était une fois
Queen in Enchanted
 Evil Queen in disguse
Evil Queen in disguse
 Same as #4
Same as #4
 Riding off
Riding off
 Same as Snow White
Same as Snow White
 true loves Kiss
true loves kiss
 true loves Kiss in Snow White
true loves kiss in Snow White
 Happy Ending
Happy Ending
Chapter 1: Beginning Happily Ever After

After Evil Queen Narrisa died. After Pip published Since Isn’t Golden. After Nathaniel published his book. After Prince Edward whisked Nancy off her feet to Andalasia to wed. After all these happenings of the tale toi have seen and heard with your very own eyes. toi thought the tale of Robert and Giselle ended with Happily Ever after? The way Giselle always imagined it? Oh no, this tale didn’t end there. That is where it begins!!

“Giselle?” Robert a dit gently, “Are toi sure you’re alright?” He asked leaning across the cab to see if she was...
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 Giselle starts off as a cartoon and then in human form when she comes to NYC .
Giselle starts off as a cartoon and then in human form when she comes to NYC .
Here is an article on the characters that I like and dislike.

#1Giselle: Played by/voiced by/sung par Amy Adams, Giselle is the main character who toi may hate ou like. She is a maiden who is obsessed with love(that’s all she friggin cares about)and dreams of true love’s kiss. She has two men in her life that she loves. One is a stupid prince who is so vain his like Gaston and another is a divorce attorney who happens to be her real true l’amour who doesn’t believe in l’amour at all as he thinks it’s a fantasy.

#2 Robert: Played par that dude from Grey’s Anatomy Patrick Dempsey his basically...
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posted by LisaForde
 Robert's hair goes from this
Robert's hair goes from this
Although its my favourite movie that toi can either l’amour ou hate it but my only downside to this was the amount of mistakes that I noticed and here is some of them that I spotted in the movie.

#1 When Robert is in the taxi with morgan he gives her a book and reads out some women that are the greatest women in history. But when he says Marie Curie he says madam curie instead of Marie Curie. This is got to do with Dempsey’s difficulty with his dyslexia as he suffers from this disability.

#2 At the restaurant Nathanial’s hair is blonde at the back and dark in the front. Is it because he was...
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posted by LisaForde
 True love's Kiss
True love's kiss
Ok so toi all know that I am a huge fan of Il était une fois as I think it’s a cute/silly/magical/funny romantic comedy all about finding true l’amour in the Big pomme and it proves that toi can have the best of both worlds. So sit back and enjoy my countdown.

#5 True love’s kiss

Ok this is the beginning song from the film and its all about Giselle dreaming of sharing true love’s kiss. It kinda reminds me of Part of your world in a way except in this song she sings about l’amour and in TLM song its about Ariel wanting to be part of the human world.

'I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss
And a prince,...
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posted by LisaForde
 l’amour this dress
Love this dress
Im sorry I took the idea off of Takuya so here is my ups and downs of Giselle as I watched this on TV last night on BBC THREE and although I have seen it time and time again I actually liked it so enjoy.

Giselle’s looks

I like her blue eyes and her fraise blonde hair which was nice and I like her smile as its pleasant.

Her personality

She’s sweet and childish I like how she is so sure of herself on love.

Her style

I loved the purple dress she wore near the end of the movie and I like the blue one she made out of Robert’s curtains.

Her story

I like how she sacrifices her life to be...
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posted by LisaForde
 Giselle is in l’amour
Giselle is in love
"Oh my."

Giselle sat on the edge of the chair, folding her hands in her lap, looking at nothing at all.

Her cœur, coeur was beating rapidly. Her throat ached. These were all unfamiliar sensations - her body had never done this to her before. She didn't know what it meant. All she knew was that Robert had turned and left - and it had hurt.

Uncertainly she stood and crossed back over to the couch. Robert and morgan had provided her with two pillows, a sheet, and a blanket. Not as comfortable as her lit back home, but cozy and warm, radiating with the thoughtful kindness of the man and girl that lived...
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This is a fan fiction of Robert telling Giselle about his wife.

‘You never told me what really happened, I know toi a dit she left but who was she’ Giselle asked Robert who was hiding a terrible secret from Giselle even though it was none of her business but she wanted to get inside Robert’s head. ‘Morgan I want toi to go to lit I’ll be in lit in a few minutes’ Robert asked morgan who was tired. ‘Ok daddy, night night’. ‘Ok I will tell toi everything’ Robert a dit to Giselle even though it was personal to him but since Giselle doesn’t understand our world yet he decided...
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posted by LisaForde
You're in my arms
And all the world is calm
The musique playing on for only two
So close together
And when I'm with you
So close to feeling alive

A life goes par
Romantic dreams must die
So I bid mine goodbye and never knew
So close was waiting, waiting here with you
And now forever I know
All that I wanted to hold you
So close

So close to reaching that famous happy end
Almost believing this was not pretend
And now you're beside me and look how far we've come
So far we are so close

How could I face the faceless days
If I should lose toi now?
We�re so close
To reaching that famous happy end
And almost believing this was not pretend
Let�s go on dreaming for we know we are
So close
So close
And still so far
‘Oh my goodness Edward will be here any minute, how do I look Morgan’ a dit Giselle. ‘You look really pretty Giselle’ a dit morgan who helped Giselle get ready for the ball. As Giselle was admiring herself in the mirror, a knock came at the door. ‘Hello my l’amour are toi ready yet, it is I Prince Edward of Andalasia’said Edward.’Yeah come in’ a dit Giselle who was a bit anxious as she was going to the same place Robert was attending. As Edward came in and saw Giselle’s new look he was amazed of how beautiful she looked as she was completely different no plus curly ringlets, makeup...
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posted by LisaForde
Ok you’re probably sick and tired of me talking about this film but if toi wanna know what makes me drawn to this film then here is why.

Kicking off old school style in Andalasia a lovesick maiden named Giselle dreams of falling in l’amour and sharing(you guessed true love’s kiss). Enter Prince Edward who falls for her (or is it because she has a sweet chant voice)and he marries her the suivant day. toi may think it’s the end but in fact its just about to get started. She falls down a well enters NYC and falls in l’amour with ANOTHER MAN this time his a cynical attorney who doesn’t take any...
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posted by LisaForde
 #1 The introduction:Before we go to the film we see a book kept inside the Walt Disney château and the camera zooms into the château where we see a golden book. Whoever came up with the design for this book should have got a bloody Oscar for his designs.
#1 The introduction:Before we go to the film we see a book kept inside the Walt Disney castle and the camera zooms into the castle where we see a golden book. Whoever came up with the design for this book should have got a bloody Oscar for his designs.
As much as I l’amour this movie here is some images of moments that I love.
(see bottom)

#1 The introduction

Before we go to the film we see a book kept inside the Walt Disney château and the camera zooms into the château where we see a golden book with cute designs on it(a bluebird, swirls etc). Whoever came up with the design for this book should have got a bloody Oscar for his designs. Awesome creativity here.

#2 The animation

For the first 10 mins of this film we see 2D animation. When I first saw this part I was like Yippee Disney is back to what they do best. This will look good. The song True...
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Forgive me for doing this article again if I already did it before.Enjoy

~10 Dates are important whether its going to the cinemas, going to the musuem,having dîner at a posh restaurant.

~9 Pouring your cœur, coeur to someone special will make the person feel loved.(e.g par chant to the person)

~8 Doesn’t matter what their interests are, toi probably know already.

~7 toi can change a person’s point of view on romance around (if it’s a cynical person toi could montrer them plus to life and change their attitude on it).

~6 toi can know a person in 3 days(like Giselle & Robert)

~5 Happily ever afters...
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posted by LisaForde
So Close as toi all know is the l’amour ballad used in the ballroom scene when Robert Philip(aka Patrick McDreamy Dempsey)and Giselle(Amy Adams)dance to. The song basically reflects on two people who are so close to being together but can’t because they are with different people. The lyrics to this song is perfect “Now your beside me and look how far we come,so far we are so close”. I actually felt like there was a shiver coming into my spine as I heard the song playing in the film. Also the best thing about this scene too is that Patrick is chant a bit of the song I was like OMG that dude from Greys has a hidden talent LOL. I actually liked this song. Perfect song for a perfect movie that I cannot get enough of its like a drug im hooked to it.