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i just wonder if toi guys like this better, ou toi don't like pictures of girls at all
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This aléatoire photo contains bikini, maillot de bain deux pièces, maillot de bain, maillot deux pièces, and deux pièces maillot de bain. There might also be maillot de bain, maillots de bain, and en costume de bain.

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the asterisk war
the academy city on the water
gakusen toshi asutarisuku
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salut Guys this is Rkofan22 aka Michael Lui

I'm hear to tell u the truth about utubers like jerry travone Ryan higa and takeshotaction

I hear that They are all ducebags they do stuff like cheat there subs par tricking them

And they also are racist saying stuff against asians likens saying fuck Asians they r the worst of the world who need to die which is bullshit

Asians are awesome

And they also l’amour to be haters and they also hacked my Facebook

Fuck them all and takeshotaction cheats on his girlfriend

Jerry travone abuses Hiskids and ryanhiga is succussful
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In my room there is a small door leading to where the air conditioning unit is housed, this door has no locking mechanisms what so ever so it wasn't uncommon when it opened up par itself when there was a draft, its impossible to close the door behind toi once toi get beyond it and enter the crawlspace type area it leads to. i have lived in this house for five years now and for the first 4 i never gave the door a seconde thought,it wasn't until the fifth an that the door made me feel unsettled, a few months il y a i was accueil alone,i'm 17 and i live in the bonus room which is connected to the crawlspace....
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i hate school
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