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 Frieza, King Cold, and glacière again
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Looke its funny
king cold
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cul, ass
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There are many reasons why people abandon their dogs. Generally, it is not the dog's fault and often the decision to take a dog to an animal shelter is based not on emotion but on convenience. It is representative of a society lacking strong values--everything is disposable, including pets. People are encouraged to use excuses for their own behavior--it always is someone else's fault. In this case, it's the dog's fault!

Having a dog is a commitment to that animal for 10-15 years and should be a well thought out family decision based on a thorough investigation of the breed and breeder. Most...
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There was once a kid on here par the name of Zackkem who had some pretty cool content on here. he had Like haut, retour au début ten votes and other awesome things but the main thing was that he was a HUGE fan of one Ariana Grande and I think that it was wrong for fanpop to Suspense him. So If u guys read this article please Help Campaign to get him back anyway possible. Also he was a pretty cool guy to talk to. Also if u guys don't mind Please contact fanpop to ask what qualifies an account for suspension. Some of his haut, retour au début ten votes Included Fave Tv actor, Fave female artist, fave reality show,fave movie actor, fave reality star, and fave song.
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