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aléatoire Things to Do Containing "act like"

Yell at your brother/sister untill they wake up and then act like nothing happened.

Video tape toi and your Friends pretending to act like each other!

Walk up to a aléatoire person toi don't know and ask them for their autograph, act like they're a celeb.

Act like little kids in Wal-Mart with one of your Friends being your mother/father.

Talk to someone toi don't know and act like they killed your dog.

Go up to a friend and act like toi are some one stupid.

Buy a party hat and put it on your head then act like a unicorn.

Act like someone toi don't like in the mirror.

Spaz out on the floor and act like it feels me....its fun!!

When the school cloche, bell rings yell, THE dinosaures ARE COMING!!! then act like a dead hobo.

Act like a secret agent with a nerf gun in public.

Act like a lama and follow people in Wal-Mart.

At a aléatoire Time yell out "act natural" and act like any animal toi choose.

When ever someone says your name act like a scared cat and hide under the table!

Act like dora in wal-mart! then yell at people " no swiper no".

Try to act like your favori Hetalia character for a day. Don't forget to use the accent!!

At lire time randomly shout out fe fi fo fum bananas then act like nothing happened.

In class, act like you're thinking very hard. Gasp, then jump up and say, "it's happening!!!" Then r.


Dress up as one superhero and act like another(i.e. dress up as araign? e, araignée man and say" I'm batman").

Get a new phone #, text your best friend and act like you're their secret admirer.

Act like nyan cat and go around the neiborhood yelling NYAN NYAN NYAN.

Act like a hobo and when people stop say "CAN I USE YOUR cacahuète, arachide BUTTER".

Act like Sheldon Cooper for one day. Don't be surprised if toi see people walk away...

Act like a dog for the rest of the day.

Randomly bark at everyone who walks par and act like nothing happened afterwards.

When in an elevator tap a person on the shoulder and act like it was not you.

Pretend to jump in a comic book and act like a superhero.

Act like a ninja at the mall and "kill" people with an imaginary sword.

Dress up as a character from any movie and act like them all jour it annoys the heck out of people.

Act like a statue and when someone walks par pop out and scream "Hello!"

Act like your a 1970 cop that has a afro and run around and bust people for being too funky.

Act like a tourist and take pictures of everything.

Walk into church dressed like a banane and act like its tottaly normal.

Act like perry the platapus.

Act like a crazy person snorting like a pig and roaring like a lion!!!


At 11:12 everyday randomly start laughing and then at 11:13 stop and act like nothing happened.

Go to your Friends house jump through his window and act like nothing happened.

Go to a starbucks. There, get on the floor and act like your making a snow Angel while saying WEEEE!

Act like a écureuil in the shower!!!

Call a aléatoire number and act like toi know who they are.

Act like a dog and chase your cat to see what happens.

Act liken a ninja allday.

Act like a Disney Princess.

Dress up as in footy pajamas and act like your blind when the pizza man comes.

Act like something everyone does is a big accomplishment ou great thing, like having arms.

Act like a seagull.

Walk up to your best friend and just act like toi are going to slap them then 2mins later slap them.
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