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Review by Katnissgurll1 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Schmit,Nick, JESS, and Westly
New Girl Review

Boys will be boys and Jess will be Jess. This new comendy on Fox, has become a TV hit with the season just starting many people have sat down on their canapé every Tuesday night to watch this show! Everybody enjoys a good laugh, and New girl guarantees many, MANY laughs all around. The Things Jess says and does are hilarious because toi would never think anyone would say ou do that, but Jess does.
About the Show. This montrer is about a very happy girl who is not afraid to say anything and maybe a little immature for her age, but once she gets her heartbroken par her boyfriend that she currently living with she has to seek out to find a new home. Then she finds an apartment, full of guys willing to take her in. They have no idea what they got their selves into, but they grow attached on her especially Nick, who got dumped par his girlfriend, and overly protective of people. The Boys in this montrer treat Jess like their little sister.