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 arc en ciel scares me
Rainbow scares me
My sister grabbed me and few high up into the air. Later i saw that we were near the arc en ciel Factory so i started to squirm but arc en ciel Dash held me tightly. We arrived there and we went into the factory, I was thrown into a dark corner where the floor moved from left to right. I saw other fillies that were my age being put into a special room where i suppose they were being killed because i kept hearing screams then a moment of silence in between then another filly would be sent into the room. I sat on the now stable floor and waited. I heard a busting and gun fire. It was General Sky Night, He came to save me. some how Pin Tail and Green Flame arrived to be in the factory and took positions at certain parts of the factory. Sky Night feed me and the other fillies....
 my sister is evil
my sister is evil
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 Stay outta mah shed!
Stay outta mah shed!
Back at Canterlot.

Princess Celestia was sitting par herself, probably Lost in thought.

When suddenly prime Spike's letter finally reached her.

"Ohh, what's this about" Celestia thought outloud, as she opened to letter.

Dear Princess..
Twilight wasn't so sure it was worth sending toi this letter. Believing toi won't take us seriously about such things, and maybe toi won't, but I'm letting toi know anyway. Rather toi believe me ou not. Some dobblegangers escaped into our universe, and I'm hoping that maybe your know a way to bring them back.. And far far away from me.
Signally yours.
Pinkie Pie.

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This is just a usual everyday article from your good ol' friend, Aurora! Now, I'm going to talk about my haut, retour au début six favori episodes so far. The reason why I chose six is because of the Mane Six.

6.) The Return of Harmony, Part 2

This episode was very explainable. Especially when Twilight figured out what Discord's riddle was. But, it goes on the bottom of my liste because of the plot seemed too predictable. I mean, the Mane Six had already done this in Friendship is Magic, Part 2. Why again? Are they going to do this again in Season three? I'm not hating ou anything similar to that. There are some...
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Credit: psychgoth ; This song is written for the fanfic "My Roommate is a Vampire" Vocal talents of Vinyl and Octavia were Jessi Nowack and Eile Monty.
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friendship is magic
shining armor
princess cadence
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