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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: July 2, 1961
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 3:00 PM
Railroad: Union Pacific

Pete: *Inside the station with everyone* Okay. There's thirteen of us. I will be the referee, and the rest of toi must choose your teams. Pierce Hawkins, and Nocturnal Mirage are team captains.
Hawkeye: Okay. *Gets in front of everyone with Mirage* My first pick, Metal Gloss.
Metal Gloss: Yay. *Runs to Hawkeye, and kisses him*
Mirage: Why did I have the feeling toi would choose her?
Hawkeye: Because she's my wife.
Mirage: Dan, you're on my team.
Dan: I am very pleased par this. *Walks to Mirage*
Hawkeye: Stylo, come on down.
Stylo: Yeah. *Walks to Hawkeye*
Mirage: Snowflake, how would toi like to be on my team?
Snowflake: Yes sir. *Walks over to Mirage*
Hawkeye: Percy, you're with us.
Percy: Thanks Hawkeye. *Walks to Hawkeye*
Mirage: Stephanie.
Stephanie: *Walks to Mirage*
Hawkeye: Jeff, you're with us.
Jeff: Okay.
Mirage: Nicole, come on down.
Nicole: toi got it.
Hawkeye: Orion, you're on my team.
Orion: Alright. *Walks to Hawkeye* I won't let toi down.
Hawkeye: I hope not.
Mirage: Fuck, Gonzo is on my team.
Mike: Who's Gonzo?
Mirage: That's your last name mate. Come on over here.
Mike: *Walks to Mirage* Let's win.
Mirage: Yeah, let's win.

The first game was set up in Pete's office.

Pete: Okay. Each team member will play two rounds of poker against a poney on the opposite team. The team that earns the most money is the winner.
Hawkeye: *Sits down with Mirage*
Metal Gloss: *Playing with Dan*
Stylo: *Playing with Snowflake*
Percy: *Playing with Stephanie*
Jeff: *Playing with Nicole*
Orion: *Playing with Mike*
Pete: And, begin.
Mike: How do toi play this game again?
Orion: Oh this will be too easy.

But when the two rounds were over, Orion Lost all of his money.

Orion: We only got to play one round, and he beat me!
Mike: I did it fair, and square lad.
Orion: How the fuck did toi beat me?
Mike: I don't know.
Jeff: Well it looks like Orion is the only member on our team that lost.
Pete: Now each of toi had a hundred dollars before the first two rounds. Hawkeye's team has eleven hundred dollars, and Mirage's team only has a hundred.
Mike: I don't know how I won sir. I just chose different cards.

The rest of the games would take place out near the train yard. The seconde game was a relay race.

Pete: This relay race will take place, going around the two flat cars. The starting point is the l’espace between the two cars. All I ask is for toi to follow the rules, and make sure that no part of the train is moving while toi run, otherwise, toi may get run over, and killed.
Hawkeye: *Standing suivant to Mirage*
Mirage: Good luck trying to beat me mate. I was the fastest runner in the UK before I moved out here.
Hawkeye: What about Hungary?
Mirage: I only lived there in the first three months of my life.
Hawkeye: This isn't the UK, this is Equestria. Around here, I'm the fastest runner.
Pete: Start running.
Hawkeye: *Running with Mirage*

They started to go around the two flat cars.

Ponies: *Cheering for Hawkeye, and Mirage*
Hawkeye: *Running towards the other members of his team* Metal Gloss, go. *Taps her*
Metal Gloss: *Running*
Mirage: Go Dan. *Taps him*
Dan: *Running after Metal Gloss*

As soon as Dan got to the other side of the flat cars, he passed Metal Gloss.

Metal Gloss: Oh no!
Dan: *Taps Snowflake* Go for it.
Snowflake: *Running*
Stylo: *Runs when he gets tapped par Metal Gloss*
Hawkeye: It's close Pete. Who do toi think will win this one?
Pete: It's too close for me to tell.

The two pegasi made it at the same time, and tapped their partners. Percy was now racing Stephanie.

Stephanie: *Getting ahead of Percy*
Percy: Oh come on.
Jeff: I thought since Percy was Greek, he'd get ahead.
Stylo: I guess running just isn't his thing.
Stephanie: *Taps Nicole, and watches her run*
Jeff: Well I'll get us back in the lead. *Gets tapped par Percy, and starts running*
Nicole: *Watching Jeff catch up to him* If he passes me, then my team is sure to lose.

She made it to Mike before Jeff made it to Orion.

Mike: *Confused* Why did toi tap me?
Nicole: Run!!
Mike: Okay. *Running straight*
Mirage: Mike!!
Dan: Turn left!! Turn around, and turn left!!
Mike: *Turns left, and runs into a boxcar. He falls onto the ground*
Orion: *Running around the flat cars*
Nicole: Oh Mike.
Stephanie: Great, now Hawkeye's team won.
Mirage: Hawkeye, why couldn't toi get stuck with Gonzo?
Hawkeye: Are toi kidding? He seems to be happy with toi guys.

They were now at the final game.

Pete: This is the last game, a tug of war. Although Hawkeye's team won the first two games, whoever wins this will get paid two thousand dollars, and three week vacation. Pull hard, and good luck.
Hawkeye: *In front of everyone else on his team* Everypony ready?
Stylo: Yes.
Mirage: Are toi guys ready?
Dan: We most certainly are.
Pete: Go.
Hawkeye: *Pulling his hardest with the rest of his teammates*
Mirage: Come on mates. Make Pierce go into the mud. *Falls in*
Dan: *Going towards the mud* Oh fuck.
Mirage: *Pulls Hawkeye into the mud*
Hawkeye: Hey!!
Metal Gloss: *Laughing*
Mirage: *Pulls Metal Gloss into the mud*
Hawkeye: Hey, only I can do that to her.
Stylo: *Falls in between Hawkeye, and Mirage* Did toi three miss me?
Hawkeye: Let's just say it was boring without you.
Percy, Jeff, and Orion: *Fall in behind them*
Dan: *Cheering with the rest of the ponies on his team*
Mirage: *Laughs*
Hawkeye: Have fun on your three week vacation.

Everyone stopped what they were doing when they heard a train's horn.

Pete: Oh right. The games are over.
Hawkeye: Let's get back to work everypony.

Despite the fun they had playing their games, the ponies didn't hesitate to get back in action with their work.

The End

On the suivant episode of Ponies On The Rails

Engine 844 gets renumbered.

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog production

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