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le choix des fans: Kim Jonghyun
le choix des fans: B.A.P
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Blaze1213IsBack a dit …
My brother told me he's not interested in K-pop but then I remember I found out that Beast was K-pop which I actually use to think it was Japanese. .___. ...and my brother use to listen to them which means he did listen to K-pop before. I bet he just thought it was Japanese too.XD posté il y a 5 jours
Lusamine commenté…
Gangnam Style is K-pop too, but 90% of the population doesn't realize that. il y a 5 jours
Blaze1213IsBack commenté…
That's true and I actually did knew about him being K-pop too lol. I think the reason people don't think he's K-pop cause they usually think it's groups that are K-pop. il y a 5 jours
Blaze1213IsBack a dit …
Wait so TXT is a new group right? What I just found out about them right now and they got some pretty songs so far. Am looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to see what they gonna do next. posté il y a 19 jours
Blaze1213IsBack commenté…
pretty good songs il y a 19 jours
GDragon612 commenté…
totally agree btw do toi have a bias? all songs are so great aweee!!!! il y a 19 jours
Blaze1213IsBack commenté…
Haha not yet and yeah I agree. il y a 19 jours
doubletrouble7 a dit …
hi i'm new here my name is tori i'm from omaha,ne so i l’amour Kpop musique ever since last year. i was watching a musique video of the song touch my body it featured lots of girls dancing and a saxphone playing par a guy.
see toi soon-tori posté il y a 22 jours