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le choix des fans: A new icone
Ended il y a 4 jours
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Flvyggm, b
le choix des fans: P.D.A (We Just Don't Care)
le choix des fans: Green Light
Green Light
Everybody Knows
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doubletrouble7 a dit …
boy howdy friends,tori here i can't believe that john legend going to be on the voice on monday night on nbc.
who here watches the voice?
i might watch it if there's nothing else on tv.
like saturday night tv i end up watching behind the musique on youtube.
remember that montrer with james jude and jim forbes.
bye now posté il y a 1 mois
jj71 a dit …
Hi im telling everyone ive just been lire commentaires under humanatarian jour on nicole sherzingers Facebook and i think the saviour is here and his talking to nicole go check for yourself, i believe 100%, god exists, i dont think she knows posté il y a 7 mois
OakTown_Queen a dit …
Happy Birthday! posté il y a plus d’un an