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Source: My Super-High-Tech camera and me
(From Deviantart)(You have to read the first part to understand where I'm going with this)

21)Do toi l’amour someone?
Zen:.Of course..Me,Myself,and I *Prideful smile* Friends ans family I guess? :3

22)Does that person l’amour toi back?
Riniko:Yes! Of course~

23)Do toi like me?
Zen:..Do I know you?
Riniko:..Umm...I can''re a stranger :P

24)What do toi consider fun in the jour time?
Zen:..Doing things I usually consider fun?
Riniko:Pssh Lots of things!*Makes a liste of things*

25)At night?
Riniko:Staying up REALLY late ou All-nighters!

26)Do toi like meatballs?
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(Got this from Deviantart,but I SUCK at drawing so I don't have one X3 ..That's why I do it here)
Rules (?)
1) Choose one ou two of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.

CHARACTERS: Zen the Neko (A..random animé fan-character who originally was my imaginary boyfriend when I was no older XD)and Riniko the Usagi-girl (has bunny ears and a tail) (My imaginary friend before I met Cassie,Kati,Shilyn,Rika,Satoru,etc)
1) What Gender are you?
Riniko:A feminine,young,lady :3

2)What is your age?
Zen:I have no age..for I don't age..because I'm immortal ._. I was..imagined...
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